News 24 | The World Health Organization comments on the decision to abandon the “muzzle” and advises you to adhere to it

The World Health Organization called for ensuring commitment to putting protective masks in areas with high rates of infection, in the first comment on America’s announcement to abandon the masks for those who received the Corona vaccine.

The executive director of the WHO health emergency program, Michael Ryan, said in an indirect comment on the decision, that cases in which the vaccination range is high, if there are many infections, then the muzzle should not be dispensed with.

He added that in the case of a country that wants to limit the wearing of masks or cancel other health and social measures, this should only be done by taking into account the rates of infection in the region and the scope of vaccination.

While the chief expert of the World Health Organization, Sumiya Swaminathan, explained that it is possible to catch the infection even after receiving the vaccine, and that is why we need other preventive measures, such as putting masks, spacing, and others.

The health authorities in the United States announced that citizens who were vaccinated would not need to wear masks in closed places, but they recommended that vaccinators continue to wear masks in transportation (planes, buses, trains, etc.).

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