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Reporter Li Guanzhi/Taipei Report

▲ Clapper! The Executive Yuan announced new personnel at 16:00, and Tang Feng was appointed as the Minister of Digital Development. (Data map)

The Ministry of Digital Development, which is related to Taiwan’s future digital development, is about to be established. Executive Yuan spokesman Luo Bingcheng will hold a press conference today (5th) at 16:00 pm to announce the relevant personnel case. It is understood that the first minister of the Ministry will be appointed by several political commissars, Tang Feng, and the two political undersecretaries of the Ministry will be Li Huairen, chairman of the card, and Que Heming, the head of Asia Silicon.

In addition to the selection of the first minister of the digital department, the selection of the office location has also become the focus. It is reported that the listing time of the digital department is expected to be between July and August, and the relevant personnel will be explained to the public after the final decision, and the office location will mainly consider the convenience of contact.

According to Tang Feng’s office a few days ago, the headquarters of the digital department is expected to be located in the office building of the National Communications and Communication Commission (NCC) on Yanping South Road, and some floors of the Shin Kong Building will be rented as relay offices, both of which are located in Taipei City, where administrative agencies are concentrated. Area.

Tang Feng’s office pointed out that the decision to lease office space from Shin Kong Life Insurance as a relay office for some personnel in the digital department was based on comprehensive factors such as location, square footage, lease period, and the current condition of the items, and it also went through a complete bidding process.

According to the previous report of the preparatory team of the Ministry of Digital Development, in order to accelerate the promotion of Taiwan’s digital development, the Ministry of Digital Development will integrate the five major fields of telecommunications, information, information security, Internet and communication, overall plan the national digital development policy, coordinate infrastructure, environmental improvement and Resource utilization business to achieve the purpose of national digital transformation.

In addition, according to the Organic Law of the Ministry of Digital Development, the Ministry of Digital Development has 1 minister, 2 administrative deputy ministers, and 1 executive deputy minister. In addition, in response to the rapid development of digital technology around the world, the Digital Development Department may, in accordance with the regulations on the employment of personnel, employ professionals in related fields such as digital technology, application and management, and the number of employees it employs shall not exceed 100.

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