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– Compared to last week, 33,891 vaccinations were administered, so that is Total number of vaccine doses administered 366,943 (As of June 10th). Vaccination appointments are now open to everyone over the age of 12. Higher vaccination coverage rates are recorded in the older cohorts. are. If you add those who have been vaccinated and those who have tested positive in the last 3 months and those who have made a reservation for a vaccination appointment, the percentage of people who are meanwhile protected against infection with the virus contributes to the Over 80 year olds 82.6, over 70 year olds 81.1, over 60 year olds 75.6, over 50 year olds 66.1 and over 40 year olds still 58.7.

In the younger age group under 40 years of age, which includes 171,126 people, are only 35 % who have been vaccinated with a first dose, reserved for an appointment or tested positive. Accordingly, the younger age groups are urgently called upon to take advantage of the vaccination offer.

In the Age group of 12-15 years are as of today 3:00 p.m. 223 Reservations recorded in the 16-19 year olds have up at the same time 103 Teenagers one Vaccination appointment secured.

Provincial Council Thomas Widmann emphasizes that it is essential to consistently implement the vaccination campaign in order to win the fight against the pandemic: “Even if we currently only have a few newly infected people to report, this is by no means a reason to throw all precautionary measures overboard. The experience of the last few weeks has shown us that, unfortunately, local clusters can be formed all too quickly. The most effective tool against the coronavirus is and will be vaccination. “

General Director Florian Zerzer argues in the same direction: “Especially in the current phase it is extremely important to be able to offer all South Tyroleans a vaccination. With this in mind, the South Tyrolean sanitary company has planned various campaigns, including “vaccination on site”. In different communities, vaccinations are carried out quickly and easily and without prior notification in close cooperation with general practitioners. “

Currently are already Vaccination days in Naturns (June 12th), Passeiertal / Quellenhof (June 20th) and Ulten (June 27th) firmly. Plans and discussions are ongoing for the communities of Olang, Abtei and Ahrntal.

Online registrations can be done around the clock at or Alternatively, you can also Reserved appointments by phone , namely from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., on 0471 100999 or 0472 973850. When making reservations, please note that the At least 14 days between vaccinations must be. It can happen that in addition to a Covid-19 vaccination, another vaccination is needed, e.g. a tick vaccination. Please take this into account in your planning in order to avoid that planned vaccinations cannot be administered.

The current vaccination report – the most important data in brief The following are the most important figures (as of June 10, 2021) for the vaccinations that have already been carried out in South Tyrol.

Total vaccinations (compared to last week) Vaccination doses administered: 366,943 (+ 33,891) First dose: 252,162 (+18,339) Second dose: 144,781 (+45,552) Fully vaccinated persons: 132,932 (+18,746)

Vaccinations by group
People over 80 years of age
This group of people includes: 33,732 people
Erstdosis: 27.293
Second dose: 25,067

People over 70 years
This group of people includes: 46,417 people
Erstdosis: 36.847
Second dose: 18,055

People over 60 years of age
This group of people includes: 58,927 people
Erstdosis: 42.656
Second dose: 22,259

People over 50 years of age
This group of people includes: 84,804 people
Erstdosis: 53.702
Second dose: 19,721

People over 40 years of age
This group of people includes: 74,448 people
Erstdosis: 40.868
Second dose: 13,866

People over 30 years
This group of people includes: 63,481 people
Erstdosis: 24.651
Second dose: 8,670

People over 20 years
This group of people includes: 61,285 people
Erstdosis: 21.174
Second dose: 6,399

Persons aged 16-19
This group of people includes: 23,242 people
Erstdosis: 4.965
Second dose: 742

Vulnerable people and caregivers
This group of people includes approx .: 19,600 people First dose: 18,189
Second dose: 12,447

Vaccinations after vaccine
Pfizer BioNTech
Erstdosis: 160.011
Second dose: 89,012
completed vaccination cycles: 55.6%
Erstdosis: 25.575
Second dose: 7,888
completed vaccination cycles: 30.8%
Vaxzevria (ex AstraZeneca)
Erstdosis: 60.311
Second dose: 17,881
completed vaccination cycles: 29.6%
Johnson & Johnson
Erstdosis: 6.265
completed vaccination cycles: 100%

Expected deliveries (14.06. – 28.06.2021)
Pfizer BioNTech: 47.970 Dosen
Modern: 10,560 doses
Vaxzevria (ex AstraZeneca): 4,840 doses
Johnson & Johnson: 6.100 Dosen
Total: 69,470 cans

Information about the vaccination campaign and reservation:


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