News from Antioquia: The son of the man who died after his paraglider was closed speaks – Medellín – Colombia

Rubén Darío Gómez Montoya was three days away from turning 64 years old. Death surprised him this Sunday, after more than 20 years of paragliding training, when it was closed in the municipality of Bello, Antioquia.

Gómez was a taxi driver and in the words of his son, he dedicated all his life and energy to save money and carry out his dream. “He used to say if I don’t work I can’t fly, and if I fly, I won’t get the money to continue flying and for him it was his life, there is nothing else he would not want to do, “said Emmanuel Gómez.

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The man had great expertise on the subject, according to Gómez, who stressed that it was not only his 20 years of experience. To fulfill his dream of paragliding, he bought a paramotor, after spending your whole life saving for it. His son noted that he trained hard and sacrificed a lot of time in training.

“He had been for more than 20 years, many years, since before we were born, it was his dream, his passion. He died for it. There was nothing else he wanted. I think that if he died doing this, it was what he he wanted, rather than die in any other situation, and if it had to be now, it was what he wanted, “said Emmanuel.

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‘It’s very strange because he had already landed here many times. It is very strange that it happens just today ‘

It should be remembered that the 63-year-old man lost control of the paraglider this Sunday, when he was preparing to land in an uncovered area of ​​the municipality of Bello, known as Sierramonte, after leaving from the San Félix viewpoint (a district of the same municipality) .

“We do not know what could have happened, but as indicated by the community, it seems it would have been the strong winds that caused the paraglider to fall “, said Wber Zapata Lopera, Director of Risk Management at Bello.

Although there is no evidence that the glider was damaged, the fact will be a matter of investigation.

“It is very strange because he had already landed here many times. It is very strange that it happened just today,” concluded his son.


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