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[The Epoch Times, January 22, 2022]Hello everyone, welcome to pay attention to “News to watch“, I’m Li Muyang. Today is Friday, January 21st, Eastern Time, and Saturday, January 22nd, Asia Pacific Time.

Today’s focus:Xu LiyiHe was demoted and dismissed, and 89 officials were held accountable for the Zhengzhou flood, and the doubts remained unsolved;Xi JinpingTears beheading cronies; the investigation report sets up a foreshadowing, will Xu Liyi be imprisoned? Beijing 3-chain virus spread, Tianjin teachers exposed important information; 13 people were diagnosed, and Xi’an was unsealed and postponed.

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The U.S. State Department and the Department of Homeland Security announced on the 21st separate announcements of new measures related to STEM in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The State Department allows international students in STEM fields to stay for up to three years of training, with extensions for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school years. The Department of Homeland Security has added 22 new areas of study to its STEM Optional Practical Training program.

On the 21st, Fumio Kishida held the first official video meeting with Biden, confirming the importance of security and stability in the Taiwan Strait, and setting up a new Japan-US “economic version” 2 plus 2 meeting. The two sides reached a consensus on holding the Japan-US-India-Australia “Quad Security Dialogue” in Japan in the first half of this year, and Biden will also visit Japan to participate.

Hong Kong’s “South China Morning Post” disclosed on the 21st that the United States and China are secretly negotiating bilateral talks between White House National Security Adviser Sullivan and Director of the Chinese Foreign Affairs Office Yang Jiechi. The two sides may discuss Taiwan, nuclear weapons and other issues, but there is no consensus on the scope of the topic and the number of participants.

British Foreign Secretary Zhuo Huisi said in Australia on the 21st that the CCP and Russia have exported dictatorships to other parts of the world, such as Belarus, North Korea and Myanmar, but these are just puppets of China and Russia. She believes that the West should cooperate with allies such as Australia, Israel, India, Japan and Indonesia to stand firm in the free world and jointly respond to the threats posed by China and Russia.

As of January 21st at 1:00 pm EST, the number of newly diagnosed CCP virus (Wuhan virus, new coronavirus) in the world was 3.97 million,853, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 343,059,726; 10,464 people died in a single day , the cumulative death toll was 5,593,256.

Enter today’s topic below. Today’s topic is divided into two parts, the Zhengzhou flood incident, the CCP has come up with an investigation report, questioning dozens of officials in Zhengzhou.Among them, the secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party CommitteeXu LiyiHe was removed from the post of Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, but this is probably not the final result, and he still has the possibility of going to prison.see nextXi JinpingHow to negotiate with the anti-Xi forces, if the negotiation is not good, he will hang.

In addition, there is the epidemic situation in Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, and Anyang. There are netizens from all over the country who broke the news to us, as well as amazing information. Please pay attention to watching.

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Xu Liyi demoted and dismissed 89 officials responsible for the Zhengzhou flood

Half a year has passed since the 7.20 flood in Zhengzhou, Henan, and the “investigation report” of the State Council of the Communist Party of China finally came out, and it was determined that it was a “particularly major natural disaster”. But the authorities also dealt with some officials, including the most important ones in Zhengzhou.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Xu Liyi, as the then secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee, “was ineffective in implementing the decisions and deployments of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council of China. He had insufficient awareness of the 7.20 heavy rain disaster risk in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, low vigilance, and poor prevention organization. Improper overall leadership and emergency response, and inadequate supervision and inspection and performance of duties have resulted in serious consequences and adverse effects.”

The investigation concluded that Xu Liyi “has important responsibilities and should be held accountable seriously.” The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a “serious warning from within the party” to Xu Liyi, and the State Supervisory Committee “de-escalated” him. Later, Xu Liyi was removed from the post of secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee by the Henan Provincial Party Committee.

In addition, Henan Province has “seriously held accountable” 89 public officials for “dereliction of duty” in the catastrophic flood. Among them, the deputy secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor Hou Hong was “seriously warned by the party and demoted in government affairs”; Wu Fumin, the deputy mayor of Zhengzhou, was dismissed from his party positions and government affairs; Other relevant responsible persons were punished by Party discipline and government affairs or admonished. In addition, eight corporate personnel were arrested for allegedly committing crimes in the flood.

This is the latest punishment imposed by the CCP authorities on the officials responsible for the Zhengzhou flood, but it is not the final result, and there are still some variables.

It depends on whether Xi Jinping can neutralize the “anti-Xi forces”. If it can stop the counterattack of the opposition forces, then this treatment may be the final result. Otherwise, Xu Liyi might be in danger of going to jail.

Xi Jinping backed down and beheaded his cronies?

One thing for everyone to see if they still remember it.After the Great Flood in Zhengzhou, on July 26, the Prime Minister of the Communist Party of ChinaLi KeqiangPresided over the meeting at the National Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters. Li Keqiang put down “hard” words at that time, saying that he would “refine and consolidate the responsibilities of all aspects, levels and links, implement them to the people, and hold those who neglect their duties seriously”.

Li KeqiangIt is the Prime Minister of the Communist Party of China. If it is a normal country, like a liberal and democratic Western country, the Prime Minister of the government should say so and do so, and it is also normal. If elected officials in Western countries do not decide for the people, some people may take to the streets to protest the next day, and it will not be long before they are ousted from power.

But China is different. The CCP rules China, and everything it does is to maintain the stability of the CCP regime and protect the interests of officials as the first priority. In particular, Xu Liyi, secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee, is widely recognized as Xi Jinping.

Xu Liyi’s resume shows that he was born in Zhejiang. During Xi Jinping’s reign in Zhejiang, Xu Liyi served as the mayor of a district in Ningbo. Although it is not Xi Jinping’s core direct descendant, he is also a close confidant and a member of the “New Army of the River”.

As we all know, the CCP officialdom is very much about “originality” and factionalism. In the words of insiders of the CCP, when an official is in the system, there are “official records” at different levels. This is also the reason why ordinary people can’t get into the “Zhao Family”.

Regarding Xu Liyi’s factionalism, it is impossible for Li Keqiang to not know that he is a man of Xi Jinping.

There is another detail. On the same day that Li Keqiang made his “hard” words on July 26, Zhu Shunzhong, a senior media person in mainland China, once posted a real-name article, “Please change the coach of Zhengzhou and take responsibility for the ineffectiveness of fighting floods.” The article said that the performance of Zhengzhou officials in the floods was obvious to all, with key officials repeatedly making mistakes in judgment, and their ability to govern was “stunning.” If you don’t change the coach, “the people’s anger will be hard to calm, and the dead will be hard-pressed”.

I am not sure if there is a connection between Zhu Shunzhong’s article and Li Keqiang’s “hard” words. If there is no connection, it can only be said that the “coincidence” is almost perfect.

In other words, the “investigation report” of the investigation team of the State Council of the Communist Party of China was released, which directly “will” Xi Jinping’s army. “Things are set here, you can figure it out.”

If Xi Jinping does not deal with it, then he may be accused of “protecting shortcoming” and dealing with officials “with choices”. Even the “anti-Xi forces” headed by Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong may take the opportunity to launch a counterattack and create more and bigger troubles for Xi Jinping’s re-election to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Therefore, it can be said that Xi Jinping is dealing with Xu Liyi “with tears in his eyes”, “demotion” and “removal” of him. So is the handling of Xu Liyi over? There is still a suspense here, the key is whether Xi Jinping will continue to back down.

Will Xu Liyi be imprisoned if the investigation report sets a foreshadowing?

In the “Investigation Report”, there is such a description in “bold characters”: “The investigation determined that the “7.20” heavy rainstorm disaster in Zhengzhou, Henan was a serious urban waterlogging caused by extreme rainstorms, river floods, mountain torrents and landslides, etc. A particularly major natural disaster with significant casualties and property damage.”

The report continued, “The Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government and relevant districts, counties (cities), departments and units have poor awareness of risks, lack of awareness and preparation for this catastrophic disaster, ineffective prevention organization, improper emergency response, and dereliction of duty. “Natural disasters”, specifically “man-made disasters”, especially the occurrence of casualties such as subways and tunnels that should not have occurred.”

It is very clear here, “Generally, it is a ‘natural disaster’, and there are specific ‘man-made disasters’, especially when there should be casualties such as subways and tunnels that should not have occurred.” This is the “dereliction of duty” by the main responsible persons at all levels in Zhengzhou behavior.

When it comes to “dereliction of duty”, everyone should know that this is already an issue involving crime. Chapter 29 of the CCP’s “Criminal Law” deals with the “crime of malfeasance”.

It clearly states that the “crime of malfeasance” “refers to the acts of state organs staff” who abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engage in favoritism and fraud, obstruct the normal activities of state organs, and cause heavy losses to the interests of the state and the people.” According to Article 397, paragraph 1, a person who commits the crime of “dereliction of duty” will be “sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention; if the circumstances are particularly serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years.”

However, everyone should note that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection gave Xu Liyi a “serious warning within the party” after “reviewing the case”, the State Supervisory Commission of the CCP gave him “demotion in government affairs”, and the Henan Provincial Party Committee removed him from his post as secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee.

“Serious warnings within the party”, as I said in the previous program, the so-called “warnings” are another way of saying “the next one will not be an example”. The word “serious” is added, which means that the tone of “the next is not an example” is slightly heavier, but it is still “the next is not an example”.

As for “demotion of government affairs,” the CCP’s “Public Officials’ Governmental Punishment Law” states that it means “downgrading” the level of wages and remuneration by one level. But as we all know, how many CCP officials live on wages? Therefore, “demotion of government affairs” basically has little effect on Xu Liyi.

The Henan provincial party committee dismissed Xu Liyi as secretary of the Zhengzhou municipal party committee, which seemed like a relatively solid punishment. But it’s only dismissal, not dismissal. Removal means that the possibility of continuing to serve as an official is no longer possible. The dismissal means that you cannot be an official here, and you can continue to be an official in another place. In the CCP officialdom, there are many such cases.

In other words, the authorities’ current three handling of Xu Liyi, whether it is “serious warning”, “demotion of government affairs”, or “removal”, are all at the level of party discipline and government discipline.

The “dereliction of duty” mentioned in the “investigation report” is a crime, which means that the CCP police may intervene. If this step is really reached, then Xu Liyi will face the problem of going to jail.

So I said, the next thing is to see how Xi Jinping negotiates with the “anti-Xi forces”. If the negotiation is completed, the handling of Xu Liyi may stop there. But this means that Xi Jinping may have to continue to make concessions to the “anti-Xi forces” in order to negotiate well.

If the negotiation is not good, that means Xi Jinping will no longer make concessions. Then we have to pay attention to whether the CCP police intervene. If the CCP police intervene, then Xi Jinping may not be able to protect Xu Liyi. At that time, Xu Liyi may be the first CCP official to be imprisoned for “dereliction of duty”.

Report says underreported death figures are still in doubt

In fact, the “investigation report” of the investigation team of the State Council of the Communist Party of China is also very controversial. The numbers inside are for reference only. It’s safe to say that’s not true.

The Ministry of Emergency Management of the Communist Party of China announced today (21st) that from July 17th to 23rd, 2021, Henan Province suffered a rare heavy rainstorm and severe floods. A total of 14.786 million people were affected by the disaster in 150 counties (urban areas) in Henan Province, and 398 people died or missing due to the disaster, including 380 people in Zhengzhou City, and the direct economic loss was 120.06 billion yuan.

The report stated that there were “delayed and concealed reports” of key incidents in Zhengzhou and relevant districts, counties and cities of widespread concern to the society and the number of deaths and missing persons due to the disaster. As of September 30, 2021, 380 people died and disappeared in Zhengzhou due to the disaster, of which 139 people were concealed at different stages: 75 people at the level in Zhengzhou, 49 people at the county level, and 15 people at the township (street) level. .

Everyone remembers that after the Zhengzhou flood, the official death toll figures were constantly adjusted. It was not until August 2 that the authorities finally announced that 292 people in Zhengzhou were killed and 47 were missing. However, this figure has always been seriously doubted by the outside world.

We were tracking for several days at that time. Judging from various information provided by local people, many people died unfortunately only in Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 and Zhengzhou Jingguang Expressway North Tunnel. There is a huge gap between the private figures and the official figures of the CCP.

The CCP’s investigation team also stated in its report that “in-depth investigations were carried out on incidents that caused heavy casualties and social concerns,” including the “death incident on Zhengzhou Metro Line 5” and the death incident in the North Tunnel of the Jingguang Expressway in Zhengzhou. However, the death figures given in these two places are still seriously inconsistent with folklore.

The report stated that the 04502 train of Metro Line 5 encountered “waterlogging, power outage and forced stop” when it traveled from Tantansi Station to Shakou Road Station. A total of 953 people were evacuated safely, claiming that “after evacuations and rescue”, only “14 people died”.

On July 21 last year, I got the news from a netizen in Zhengzhou that the flooded subway in Zhengzhou was not only Line 5, but because the news of Line 5 was widely spread. In fact, three subway lines in Zhengzhou were flooded. Netizens said, “Three lines are submerged, and during the peak period, 1,200 people may die.”

Free Asia also pointed out, “The Zhengzhou Metro completely collapsed. The entire Line 5 was flooded. At least 20 people were killed, many were missing, and at least hundreds were trapped. There were many bodies on the platform.”

Regarding the death toll in the North Tunnel of the Beijing-Guangzhou Expressway, the CCP’s investigation report still maintains the 6 deaths originally announced. The report said that 247 vehicles were flooded, including 18 in the tunnel, 87 in the approach section, and 142 at the exit of the tunnel. There were no victims in the vehicles and no buses in the tunnel.

First of all, the number of flooded cars announced by the authorities has decreased from the figures released on July 24 last year. At that time, Li Ping, deputy secretary of the Zhengzhou Urban Management Bureau, said that more than 200 vehicles had been towed from the Jingguang North Road Tunnel. “There were 265 vehicles in the first batch, and now there are four or five vehicles remaining.” In fact, the figures Li Ping said may not be true, but the number of cars announced now is 18 fewer than what Li Ping announced.

Not to mention the death toll here. On the 24th, a video showed a yellow car pulling a green-roofed bus from the Beijing-Guangzhou Tunnel, with black cloth wrapped around the window.

Some netizens near the Jingguang Road Tunnel took pictures at night. There are many muck trucks near the tunnel, and the carriages are covered with green tarpaulins. A netizen who lives nearby posted that more than 100 people were salvaged in the early morning of July 22. “The matter is far more serious than expected.”

The netizen said that at 5 pm on July 20, the vehicles in the tunnel were all running normally. “It wasn’t flooded by the rain, the pipeline was backed up, and the vehicles in the middle couldn’t run at all.”

No more repetitions. I don’t know what everyone thinks of the so-called investigation figures given by the authorities. I don’t believe in nonsense anyway, the CCP will never release the real numbers. Although the investigation report has adjusted the number of deaths, it is certainly not true. This is the result of compromise between the CCP factions.

If the real death figures were announced, Xu Liyi would not be the result of the current handling, and the officials who were dealt with would not stay with Xu Liyi. How many officials of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government will lose their black gauze caps because of this? Therefore, the current number is an agreement between the CCP factions that compromise and involve each other at the same time.

And no matter how hard the common people try and how they want to change their destiny, in the eyes of the CCP, they are nothing, not even a number. I don’t know if the ghosts killed by the CCP and hidden by it have already gone to the homes of CCP officials to claim their lives. I think it’s time. It’s time to ask the CCP for your life, to ask the officials who cooperate with the CCP to do bad things, and take away those guys who are not human.

Beijing’s three-chain transmission virus Tianjin announced “zero”

Let’s talk a little about the epidemic news, let’s start with Beijing. The Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported today (21st) that there were 12 new total local infections, including 7 confirmed cases and 5 asymptomatic infections.

Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said the outbreak in Beijing involved at least three chains of transmission. They are confirmed patients in Haidian District, asymptomatic infections in Chaoyang District, and positive cases in Fangshan District and Fengtai District. The three transmission chains are independent of each other and do not intersect.

The mainland portal Sohu said that the source of the first transmission chain may have come from international mail, which infected Omicron. The source of the second transmission chain has not yet been clarified, which is the asymptomatic infection of Delta; the source of the third transmission chain has not yet been clarified, but many people are working as loader and unloading workers in the cold storage, and the infection is also Delta.

Speaking of which, Cai Qi, the secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, who is known for “cleaning up the low-end population”, should learn from Li Hongzhong, the secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee who is known for his “absolute”.

China’s CCTV reported that Tianjin officially announced today that the Omicron epidemic has been “effectively” under control, and that Tianjin “has achieved social zero.”

This announcement from Tianjin proves that the information disclosed to me by netizens in Tianjin is completely reliable. Two days ago, a Tianjin netizen revealed to me that a message from a high-level system in Tianjin, “Tianjin will reach social zero on the 20th.”

Seriously, you really have to admire Li Hongzhong, who is known as “absolutely”. His “cat cover shit” kung fu is indeed very good, so that the outside world can’t see the truth.

It’s not that I don’t want Tianjin to be “cleared”. I have said long ago that the Chinese people are too hard to bear all kinds of torture. If this virus must exist, let them go to Li Hongzhong and other party officials and gangsters.

But is Tianjin really “cleared”? Not only I don’t believe it, Tianjin netizens also don’t believe it. A Tianjin netizen posted on CCTV News’ Weibo account, “It’s unbelievable that I, a native of Tianjin, have the idea of ​​’Huh??’ You say magic is not magic.”

The volunteer from Anyang City, Henan, who broke the news to us a few days ago, sent me a message today (21st) that he has been quarantined. The number of quarantine points and the number of people quarantined is astonishing.

The friend said in the email, “I am afraid that the number of people quarantined will be unimaginable and unbelievable for outsiders. There are too many quarantine points in Anyang, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, etc. Take one of the Anyang cabins as an example. , a row of dozens of miles, built in the wilderness.”

According to netizens, the isolation conditions are some improvised and some poor. A netizen sent a short video, saying that the toilet in the room in the video is broken and does not pump water, and many toilets are broken. As for food, I heard that the standard is 100 yuan per day, but “it will be 30 to 40 yuan when it is implemented below.”

From the information disclosed by this volunteer friend, the epidemic situation in Anyang is very serious. So what about Tianjin, the first place of the epidemic? What about Beijing? Was the virus scared away by Li Hongzhong and Cai Qi? If not, they are covering up. Therefore, I hope that netizens from all over the world will provide us with more information while paying attention to safety.

Teachers pretending to be epidemic control personnel to transfer important information to Tianjin

A teacher from a high school in Tianjin sent us an email today (21st). Although not direct news of the epidemic, it is also related to the epidemic, and it is quite noteworthy.

This netizen is an old viewer of “News Watch” and has been following us for more than 2 years. Netizens said that the winter vacation has begun, but they have to obey the work arranged by the school at home every day.

A workbook is attached to the email, and netizens call the people in this table to record their personal information. Because this document is too sensitive, we have done some processing to ensure the safety of netizens who broke the news.

The email contained information about a dozen people, including their names, ID numbers, mobile phone numbers, home addresses, and more. The netizen said, “These are real personal information, and they are sent to every teacher. Basically, every teacher is responsible for about 100 personnel investigations every day.”

Netizens especially reminded me to pay attention to the “address” column. Netizens told me that the list of information is not the person’s home or work address, but “the last location of the person collected through the mobile phone can be accurate down to the floor. It’s terrifying to think about it!”

Netizens expressed the hope that I can “tell everyone this news so that everyone can pay attention to protecting their personal privacy.”

Thank you, my friend from Tianjin, for telling us such important information. In fact, as I said in a previous program, the CCP’s current tracking and positioning are very precise. As long as you have a mobile phone with you, you are within the CCP’s surveillance range. That mobile phone is equivalent to the CCP’s locator. As long as you are in mainland China, it can find you through the location of your mobile phone.

So we must accept the kindness of this Tianjin friend. When you go out to do important things, if you don’t want to be tracked by the CCP, you’d better put your mobile phone somewhere. Otherwise you are in a high-rise building, and it can pinpoint which room you are in.

Explosion of 13 people diagnosed, Xi’an unblocked and then postponed

Finally, let’s talk about the situation in Xi’an. Yesterday, I talked about the outbreak of mass incidents in Huacheng International Community, Yanta District, Xi’an. Today (21st), a netizen broke the news to me that he got the news from the Xi’an government staff that the incident in Huacheng District angered the high-level officials of Shaanxi Province.

Netizens said that the incident of the clash between the police and the people in Huacheng District, “the high-level officials of Shaanxi Province were outraged. That night, they ordered the Xi’an government, and then notified the Changyanbao Sub-district Office to downgrade all the qualified communities to the control area.”

Netizens said that the pressure on the Changyanbao Sub-district Office was unprecedented. He also said that the public was “uniquely skeptical” of reports by the state media, and that “the Xi’an government has fallen into a Tacitus trap.”

“Tacitus Trap” probably means that no matter what the Xi’an government says, the common people will not believe it. In fact, it’s not just the Xi’an government, the CCP’s governments at all levels from top to bottom are like this, and the common people simply don’t believe it.

Everyone still remembers that Phase 3 of Kunming Time Community, Kunming Road Community, Sanqiao Street, Fengdong New Town, Xi’an, was closed again yesterday (20th). The photo of the notice sent by the netizen has clear handwriting.

However, the Xi’an authorities did not report the closure and control situation today. They only said that there were 3 new patients in Xi’an, and people were asked to do nucleic acid tests again.

However, netizens said that there was a video showing that people in some communities in Sanqiao were pulled away by a bus last night. And it is not 3 new people. Including the 3 officially notified, the actual number of confirmed cases is 13.

This new situation made Xi’an authorities slapped in the face, and quickly said that “Xi’an’s unblocking on the 25th” was “fake news”, so that people “don’t believe or spread rumors.”

But in fact, Li Mingyuan, the mayor of Xi’an, said at the recent Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress that “the Joint Defense and Joint Control Command of the State Council and the National Health Commission have officially lifted the ban on Xi’an’s city closure.” “Today’s Toutiao” said, “Xi’an City has cleared the social epidemic prevention, and will be fully unblocked on the 25th.”

The new epidemic in Xi’an has made the authorities quite embarrassed, and it also means that it will take some time for Xi’an to “return to the original way of life” and continue to live a life like a concentration camp.

The ancients regarded marriage as extremely sacred. They believed that the relationship between husband and wife was arranged by God and was predestined. Moreover, etiquette and morality constrain the feelings between men and women, favor and righteousness come first, and lust last.

In today’s cultural highlights, we continue to look at the ancients’ view of marriage through several stories. Welcome to the Youleke member area to learn more. Our membership website URL is http://muyangshow.com, and another is http://youlucky.biz.

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