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Life Center/Reported by Huang Yunxuan

The central location of the Zhongtai Fireworks at 17:00 on the 22nd was on the sea about 470 kilometers southeast of Taipei. Affected by the torrential rains of the fireworks typhoon, the mountainous area of ​​Hsinchu County continued to experience heavy rain today. The 24-hour accumulated rainfall in Wufeng District exceeded 263 millimeters. And class standards”, and Wufeng and Jianshi Townships are the Water and Soil Conservation Bureau of the Agricultural Committee of the Executive Yuan. At 15:30 on the 22nd, 42 yellow warnings for soil and rock flows and yellow warning areas for large-scale collapses were issued.

Therefore, it was announced in the evening that Hsinchu County’s Wufeng Township and Jianshi Township Junior High School Subtotal 17 (including 3) will stop working and class assignments in accordance with natural disasters, and will stop working and class on July 23 (Friday), reminding us to beware of landslides And the stream soared, and called on schools to prepare for disaster prevention and response.

▲Although the fireworks typhoon does not make landfall, it will still bring significant rain. (Photo/Central Meteorological Bureau)

The Bureau of Meteorology stated that tomorrow will still be affected by the typhoon’s peripheral circulation, and the rain will fall faster and more urgently than today. It is prone to local heavy rain or heavy rain in the north of the central, northeastern and southern mountainous areas, especially in the northern mountainous areas. The probability of occurrence of graded rainfall, other regions also have intermittent short showers or thunderstorms. Please be sure to bring rain with you when you go out.

The middle typhoon “Fireworks” at 17:00 was on the sea about 470 kilometers southeast and east of Taipei. It turned northwest and west to northwest. It affected Taiwan on Friday (23rd) and Saturday (24th), with Taiwan to the north. The most obvious, especially in the northern mountainous areas, may have local rains above the level of heavy rain, and then land towards Fujian and Zhejiang. Because it is located in the monsoon low-pressure circulation, it will be affected by the Pacific high and weak, low-pressure circulation or the future development of the tropical system in the low-pressure circulation. Impact, the path is still uncertain, please pay attention to the latest weather information released by the Meteorological Bureau.

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