News – Justice | Christian Quesada released by his lawyer

The Quesada affair was retained for the hearing of the correctional court of Bourg-en-Bresse, this Wednesday April 8 in the early afternoon.

Me Christophe Camacho, lawyer who defends the former big winner of the game show “Les Douze coups de midi” for more than a year, arrived a little early to speak with his client by videoconference, before the start of the trial.

A brief interview between Christian Quesada and the lawyer

A rather brief interview. Twenty minutes later, Me Camacho leaves the palace and gets back on his motorbike. “I am no longer his lawyer,” said the Bressan lawyer briefly.

Professional secrecy obliges, he will say little more. If only the lawyer and his client, who hadn’t seen each other since January, disagree “on how to approach the case.”

If Quesada agrees to be tried without a lawyer, as he has the right to, he will respond to the three judges and the prosecutor via videoconference from Bourg-en-Bresse prison. In recidivism, he faces several years in prison.

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