News of COVID-19 cases has surpassed 5,400 – accelerating healing measures

Highlights in 7 colors – The situation of infected people with COVID-19 in Thailand is still worrying Recently, it came back to surpass five thousand again. 22 more deaths, most importantly, the rate of infection to death. Most of them take no more than 2 weeks.

With 5,406 new cases today (June 28), bringing the total number of patients to 249,853, 3,343 recovered, totaling 202,217 recovered, with 45,648 remaining in hospital, of which 1,806 are in severe condition. people and had to put on a ventilator, 510 people, when looking at the numbers back 7 days, the number of patients who are critically ill and continued to use a ventilator For example, using a ventilator increases to 100 people.

As for the death toll, another 22 people, including 1,934 deaths, are 1,882 Thais and 52 foreigners, of which 77% are known to have been infected. and death is only 1-2 weeks apart

In this regard, Bangkok It is also the province with the highest number of infections. There are 112 clusters to be monitored, while Mae Sot District A new cluster of 447 people was formed, making Tak Province. There is a second new case of infection.

for the number of vaccinations More than 9.1 million doses have been given, over 6.5 million have received their first dose, and 2.6 million have received their second dose.

Prof. gave measures to help entrepreneurs in 6 provinces, with more than 600,000 people affected after the regulations were issued. order to close the construction site stop construction and prohibiting the movement of labor for 30 days in 6 dark red provinces Both employers and employees Including restaurant operators totaling 7,500 million baht will receive compensation as specified.

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