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Reporter Wu Ruici/Comprehensive Report

South Korean diva-level female singer Son Dambi announced her marriage in May! In early December 2020, it was reported that she was in love with former national player Li Kuixuan, who was 5 years older. The two sides recognized their relationship, and even flashed on time on New Year’s Day, posting a photo of the two kissing on the mouth. The two have a fast-paced relationship from dating, confessing love, and showing off. On the 25th, there was a big news. They announced their marriage in person, and sweetly confessed “He let me know happiness.”

▲Sun Danfei got married in May. (Photo/Photo taken from Sun Danfei IG)

Sun Danfei personally announced the marriage on the 25th, “There is a person who wants to spend life together, with him, I can be the most real me, with him, he makes me smile, what does he let me know It’s happiness, I’m getting married in May!”

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▲▼News / Concubine Sun frequently flashed an announcement to get married in May: He let me know happiness.  (Photo/Photo taken from Sun Danfei IG)

▲ After Sun Danfei confessed her love, she was immersed in happiness and flashed frequently. On the 25th, she announced her marriage in May. (Photo/Photo taken from Sun Danfei IG)

At the same time as the announcement of the marriage, Sun Damfei also thanked fans for their support all the time, “I can receive support from the people I love. I’m really happy recently, thank you.” She also promised that she will continue her activities after marriage to bring better results. With the appearance of her, she has become Son Danfei, who often talks with everyone.

At the end of the handwritten letter, Sun Danfei attached a heart emoji, “The weather is very cold, be careful of catching a cold, I hope today is also a happy day, thank you.” She was filled with the feeling of being newly married, and she couldn’t hide her joy in the words. After the post was made public, a large number of friends in the circle were also caught to give blessings; Korean media also added that the exact date of their wedding was May 13.

In fact, the relationship between Sun Danfei and Li Kuixiao was not favored by Korean Net. The man had a sexual scandal in December 1994, but he later explained, “It was a childhood thing, and what happened because of drinking was not sexual assault. “Later, he was involved in the Cui Shun-sil scandal. Although the negative image affected public opinion, the couple were not afraid of gossip. Now their relationship has come to fruition, and their generous attitude has been affirmed.

The full text of Sun Danfei’s handwritten letter:

Hello. This is Son Dam-bi.

Hello everyone, my name is Sun Danfei

I was thinking about how to tell you, but I am writing this story because I want to inform you personally, not someone else’s.

I have been worried for a long time how to tell everyone, because this matter is not someone else’s business, I still want to tell everyone personally, so I wrote the text

I have someone I want to share my life with.

There is someone in my life who I want to spend the rest of my life with

When we’re together, we become the best I can be, when we’re together, we laugh, and in May, we get married to the person who made us realize that happiness is happiness.☺️

With him, I am the real me, with him, he makes me smile, he shows me what happiness is, I am getting married in May

I am so grateful to our fans who have always supported us with a constant heart since our debut. I am so happy these days with the support of the people I love. Thank you so much.

I really appreciate the fans who have always supported me since my debut. I’m really happy to receive support from people I love, thank you.

After marriage, I will continue to promote and show a good side of myself, and I will become Son Dam-bi who communicates with everyone.

After getting married, I will continue my activities, bring a better appearance, and become Son Dam Concubine who often talks to everyone.

The weather is very cold, be careful not to catch a cold, and I hope you have a happy day today.

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