News/The epidemic situation in the entertainment industry is also burning… Kamenashi Kazuya was shocked that “fever → urgent PCR test” and the result was positive and confirmed

Reporter Gu Jinger/Comprehensive Report

The Johnny Longevity group “KAT-TUN” has been around for nearly 21 years since its debut in 2001, and its popularity has remained high. However, most of the members have been active in personal activities in recent years. It was revealed by the Japanese media that he rushed to the hospital for a PCR diagnosis due to fever symptoms, but he did not expect the result to be positive, and he was expected to appear on the live NTV program “Going! Sports & News also announced an emergency cancellation, worrying a lot of fans.

Kazuya Kamenashi (center), a member of KAT-TUN, was diagnosed. (Photo/Retrieved from Johnny’s official website)

According to comprehensive Japanese media reports, Johnny & Co. issued a statement on its official website today (23), revealing that Kamenashi and Kamenashi also had a high fever of 38°C yesterday (22), and were so frightened that they rushed to the hospital for treatment and PCR testing. , the result was positive, and he is currently being treated according to the measures of the epidemic prevention authorities. The report pointed out that Kamenashi Kazuya was originally scheduled to broadcast the program “Going! Sports & News also announced emergency cancellations.

In addition, two other members of KAT-TUN, Ueda Ryuya and Nakamaru Yuichi, both performed PCR tests today, and the results were confirmed to be negative. The statement also admitted that the firm has not yet completed the relevant information and communication with the epidemic prevention authorities, including the identification of close contacts and other epidemic investigation information, but still chose to inform the outside world as soon as possible, and emphasized that all the latest news will be announced through the official website. Fans should not worry too much.

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