world News: WHO convenes emergency committee over the new virus...

News: WHO convenes emergency committee over the new virus in China


A brief overview of the messages:

  • WHO convenes emergency committee over the new virus in China (7:25 p.m.)
  • Bundeswehr employees and wife are said to have spied for Iran (3.43 p.m.)
  • Eleven years imprisonment in the Munich electric shock process (2:27 p.m.)
  • Ufo breaks off strike preparation at Lufthansa (2:15 p.m.)
  • “Rosenheim cop” Joseph Hannesschläger is dead (10:23 am)

The news of the day in the star ticker:

+++ 21.07 PM: Senate committee in Italy votes for waiver of Salvinis immunity +++

In Italy, a Senate committee gave the green light to waive the former Prime Minister Matteo Salvini’s parliamentary immunity. However, the Senate still has to confirm the committee’s decision. According to Italian media reports, the vote will take place in February.

A court in Sicily, Catania, accuses the party leader of the right-wing extremist Lega party of abuse of office for refusing entry into a port last July as a minister of the interior for a Italian Coast Guard ship with 131 migrants rescued from distress last four days. If convicted, they face up to 15 years in prison.

+++ 20.19 PM: Macron: work with Trump on deal on digital tax +++

French head of state Emmanuel Macron is striving for a digital taxation deal with the United States, thereby avoiding an impending trade conflict. Macron reported that he had an “excellent discussion” with his US colleague Donald Trump on the subject. He wants to work with Trump for a “good deal” to prevent tariff escalation.

Washington last threatened to retaliate Paris in December for introducing a digital tax. The U.S. government is reviewing punitive tariffs on French products such as champagne and cheese, a report by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said. The United States argues that France’s national digital tax systematically discriminates against large American Internet companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook.

+++ 19.45 PM: Johnson suffers partial defeat in the upper house with Brexit law +++

Around ten days before the scheduled Brexit date, Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a defeat in the upper house. Members of the House of Lords voted on Monday for an amendment to the Brexit law, which is intended to provide EU citizens living in the UK with additional protection after the Brexit. With 270 to 229 votes, the non-elected members of the House of Lords voted to provide the around 3.6 million EU citizens and Swiss living in Great Britain with a document that they can use to document their residence status in Great Britain at any time. In its current version, the Brexit law stipulates that European foreigners in Great Britain must apply for future residence rights.

The amendment to the Brexit law decided by the upper house must be approved on Wednesday by the members of the lower house. Should the House of Representatives reject the adjustment, the bill will go back to the House of Lords. In this case, a so-called ping-pong process could begin, which continues until one of the chambers gives up its resistance. On Tuesday, MPs in the House of Lords vote again on a controversial adjustment to the Brexit law. It is about the right of unaccompanied refugee children to move to relatives in the UK.

+++ 19.38 PM: Two people die in Spain from storm “Gloria” +++

Two people lost their lives in severe weather in Spain. A 54-year-old Romanian homeless woman was found dead in a park in Gandia on the eastern Mediterranean coast, the authorities said. Apparently she was frozen to death. A Sunday, a 63-year-old man was found dead on his property in the village of Pedro Bernardo in central Spain. The man was hit on the head by falling bricks, the local mayor said. The storm “Gloria” swept across large parts of Eastern Spain and the Balearic Islands during the weekend with icy wind, heavy snow and rain. On Monday there were still severe weather warnings.

+++ 19.25 PM: WHO convenes an emergency committee for the new virus in China +++

The World Health Organization (WHO) has convened its emergency committee because of the new lung disease in China. The experts should advise on Wednesday whether a health emergency should be declared, as the WHO reported. These independent experts also recommend measures that may need to be taken.

The Chinese authorities reported on Monday that the disease could spread from person to person. The number of confirmed infections skyrocketed to around 220. Another patient died. This means that three deaths are known, as reported by the health authority in the central Chinese metropolis of Wuhan.

For the first time, infections with the coronavirus have been detected in several other locations in both north and south China. There is also evidence of people in Thailand, Japan and South Korea who were previously in Wuhan. No cases brought in by travelers have been reported in Europe.

If WHO declares an international health emergency, it recommends stricter measures to combat the disease. This may include border controls, the establishment of specialized treatment centers or possible vaccinations by medical professionals.

+++ 19.11 PM: Sri Lanka’s President has declared missing civilians dead +++

In Sri Lanka, thousands of missing people have been declared dead for the first time since the end of the decades-long civil war. The country’s new president, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, told a UN official that more than 23,500 missing people were “actually dead,” said Rajapaksa’s office. The government plans to issue death certificates to relatives soon. According to the information, around 5,000 security forces are among the 23,500 people who have now been declared dead. The others were largely Tamil civilians, who are said to have been compelled by the Tamil Eelam Liberation Tigers (LTTE) rebel organization, which was crushed in 2009.

In Sri Lanka, families cannot access their relatives’ property, bank accounts, or estate until they can prove that they are definitely dead. So far, however, this has been almost impossible for the relatives of civilians who disappeared during the civil war. International human rights groups believe that at least 40,000 Tamil civilians were killed in Sri Lanka at the end of the 37-year civil war. Rajapaksa, who came into office just a few months ago, is accused of being instrumental in the military offensive against the LTTE in 2009.

+++ 18.46 PM: Seven civilians killed in Russian airstrikes in northwestern Syria +++

At least seven civilians have been killed in airstrikes in northwestern Syria, activists say. The Syrian Human Rights Observatory said five children were among the dead. Russian fighter planes had bombed several villages in western Aleppo province. Aleppo borders on the last Syrian rebel stronghold Idlib. A ceasefire agreed on by Russia and Turkey was supposed to come into force there a good one and a half weeks ago. Moscow supports the government troops in the Syria conflict, Ankara supports the rebels fighting against the government.

Despite the agreed ceasefire, government forces had continued an offensive last week and had advanced within a few kilometers to a strategically important city in the south of Idlib.

+++ 18.29 PM: Merkel thanks volunteers for their commitment +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) thanked around 2,500 volunteers for their commitment. People put their time to work for others, she said in Deggendorf. Time is perhaps the scarcest good in the 21st century. “Spending time by the hour for others, doing something and helping – maybe even regularly – is something special.” The meeting was organized by the city and district of Deggendorf – at the suggestion of the Chancellor, as District Administrator Christian Bernreiter (CSU) said.

+++ 17.55 PM: Bangladesh: Five police officers sentenced to death for massacre +++

A Bangladeshi court sentenced five former police officers to death for injuring and killing dozens of people at a rally. At the rally almost 32 years ago, people, led by today’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, protested the government of military dictator Hussain Muhammad Ershad at the time. The police suddenly shot into the crowd, killing at least 24 people and injuring more than 200, the Chattogram city court said.

The then 72-year-old opposition leader Hasina survived the shots unharmed. According to her Awami League party, she has survived a total of at least 19 attacks on her. Her father, who was the first head of state after Bangladesh became independent from Pakistan in 1971, was killed in a military coup in 1975.

+++ 17:46: USA and Colombia want to push Maduro out of office with more pressure +++

One year after the fierce power struggle between the government and the opposition in Venezuela began, the United States and Colombia want to further increase pressure on Nicolás Maduro and urge the socialist president to resign. Venezuela needs to restore democracy and end Maduro’s rule, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at a counter-terrorism conference in Bogota’s Colombian capital on Monday. Before the start of the meeting, he greeted the self-appointed Venezuelan interim president, Juan Guaidó, who is supported by the United States.

Despite a travel ban, Guaidó had come to neighboring Colombia to attend the conference. He declared himself interim president a year ago and openly challenged Maduro. Although he is recognized as a legitimate head of the transition state by over 50 countries worldwide, he has not yet succeeded in getting Maduro out of office.

+++ 17:28: three-year-old in Schwäbisch Gmünd probably drowned in the river +++

A three-year-old probably drowned in Schwäbisch Gmünd in the Rems river. According to the public prosecutor’s office in Ellwangen and the police in Aalen, the boy probably ran away from his kindergarten group in a playground and probably fell into the water. He was found lifeless in the river a short time later.

+++ 17.09 PM: Confirmed: New virus in China is transmitted from person to person +++

The novel virus behind the lung disease circulating in China is also transmitted from person to person. According to the Xinhua news agency, the team of experts from the Chinese health commission also confirmed that an infection of medical personnel has been confirmed. Well-known pulmonologist and team leader Zhong Nanshan reported that two cases in Guangdong province have been demonstrated to be a person-to-person transmission. A total of more than 200 infected people have already been recorded in China.

+++ 16.18 PM: Putin wants to limit terms of office of the Russian President +++

Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin has limited the presidential terms to a maximum of two in his draft of the announced change to the Russian constitution. He deleted the word “in a row” in the terms of the terms of office, according to a published bill for the Parliament. This means a tightening of the previous regulation. After this, someone was allowed to be President for two terms in a row and, after a break, to run again as President. This is what Putin had done in 2012.

Putin brought the draft to the Kremlin on Monday in parliament. The proposal now says: “The same person cannot serve as President of the Russian Federation for more than two terms”.

It is unclear when and how the new regulation should apply. Putin’s last term in office expires in 2024. However, it is possible that when a changed constitution comes into force, according to the Russian view, the count will start again and that 67-year-old Putin could be in office for a maximum of twelve years again – until 2036.

+++ 15.43 PM: espionage process against former Bundeswehr employees and wife started in Koblenz +++

The trial of a former Bundeswehr employee for alleged espionage for the Iranian secret service has begun at the Koblenz Higher Regional Court. The trial is confidential, a court spokeswoman said, the public was barred from reading the charges. The federal prosecutor accuses the 51-year-old Abdul S. treason, his wife has to answer for aiding the treason.

Abdul S. is accused of having disclosed state secrets to the Iranian secret service as a translator and cultural advisor to the Bundeswehr. He was arrested in January 2019 and has been in custody since then. The allegations against his wife Asiea S. are negotiated in the proceedings against him.

+++ 3:01 p.m .: bird flu in Brandenburg – first new H5N8 case nationwide +++

According to the state government, the first confirmed case of bird flu with the H5N8 pathogen occurred in Germany this season in Brandenburg. The avian influenza virus was found in a wild bird – a white goose – in the Spree-Neisse district near the Polish border, the Ministry of Consumer Protection in Potsdam said. The risk that the pathogen affects domestic poultry through direct contact with wild birds is classified as low. Avian flu is a highly contagious viral disease that mainly affects chickens, turkeys and ducks. The poultry pest pathogen H5N8 has been spreading very quickly in Eastern Europe since the beginning of the year, including in Poland.

+++ 14.46 PM: State brings 42,000 people from long-term unemployment +++

Just over a year after the start of the so-called social labor market, 42,000 long-term unemployed were placed in jobs with this state subsidy. Of these, 34,000 depended on Hartz IV for more than six years, as the Federal Ministry of Labor announced in Berlin. Your employers receive the full wages of the employees for two years, then the subsidy drops. The funding lasts a maximum of five years. Another 8,000 beneficiaries were unemployed for at least two years. Here, wages are subsidized for two years, first 75 percent, then 50 percent. According to the information, the state has now invested around half a billion euros in the social labor market.

The coalition had expected a total of 150,000 new jobs from these funding opportunities. Four billion euros have been earmarked for the instrument, which was launched on January 1, 2019, within four years.

+++ 14.43 PM: heating defect triggered fire in special football train +++

After the fire in a special train of Freiburg football fans on October 19 in Berlin, experts consider a technical defect to be the cause. The fire was caused by a fault in the heating and the associated overheating of the system, it said in an interim report by the Federal Bureau of Railway Accident Investigation (BEU). This confirmed the first assumptions made by the federal police.

After the accident with three minor injuries, it was also speculated that pyrotechnics could have played a role. Now it was said that “there was no evidence that the event was due to the influence of third parties”. The investigation is not concluded with the interim report. According to the BEU, the investigators were still concerned with the spread of the fire and with questions about the maintenance of the train.

+++ 2.30 p.m .: Presenter Dunja Hayali receives award for civil courage +++

TV presenter Dunja Hayali receives the Tolerance Award from the Evangelical Academy in Tutzing in the “Civil Courage” category. The 45-year-old journalist received the award for her “special commitment against racism, xenophobia and right-wing extremism”, said the academy. The award is expected to be presented on January 25th.

The Tutzinger Tolerance Prize is awarded every two years, and the “civil courage” category has existed since 2012. People and initiatives that work for the disadvantaged are honored. ZDF presenter Hayali, whose parents come from Iraq, has been honored several times for her efforts against xenophobia. In 2018 she received the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

+++ 2:27 p.m .: Eleven years imprisonment in the spectacular Munich electric shock process +++

The suspect was sentenced to eleven years in prison for attempted murder in 13 cases in the sensational electric shock trial before the Munich II Regional Court. The court saw it as proven that the computer scientist from Würzburg pretended to be a false doctor and used internet chat to make young women inflict life-threatening electric shocks on themselves. The hospital was also placed in a psychiatric hospital. The prosecutor’s office had ordered 14 years in prison and psychiatric hospitalization, the defense a two-year suspended sentence.

+++ 2:15 p.m .: UFO union breaks off strike preparation at Lufthansa +++

At Lufthansa there is now no threat of a flight attendant strike. According to the UFO union, preparations for the industrial action were canceled. The company had previously made a new effort to resolve the wage conflict. “We approached the UFO with a solution initiative,” said a spokeswoman. Originally, the UFO had announced another extended strike on Wednesday. Neither side made any statements regarding the content of the new approximation, as details are still unclear.

+++ 14:04: “Survivors”: exhibition shows portraits of Holocaust survivors +++

From Wednesday, an exhibition in Essen entitled “Survivors. Faces of Life after the Holocaust” will show large-format portraits of 75 Holocaust survivors. The show with close-ups of the renowned artist Martin Schoeller will be opened tomorrow by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Schoeller photographed the 75 men and women who all live in Israel in Jerusalem last June. One of the portraits, Naftali Furst, is expected at the opening, as the chairman of the German Friends of the Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem, Kai Diekmann, said in Essen.

The occasion for the memorial project is the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Red Army soldiers liberated the camp on January 27, 1945. The Nazis and their helpers murdered a total of around six million Jews during the Holocaust.

+++ 13.57 PM: Federal Government sees no acute risk from Chinese lung disease +++

According to the Federal Government, there is currently no acute danger for Germany from the mysterious lung disease that is rampant in China. According to current knowledge, there is a risk especially for regions that have “a lot of travel traffic” with the Chinese city of Wuhan, said a spokesman for the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. The disease has been spreading there for days. The spokesman referred to the travel and security information from the Federal Foreign Office, which is constantly updated.

+++ 1:47 p.m .: Little Julen’s death: extrajudicial settlement before trial +++

In the case of the toddler Julen, who died in a well, the trial in Spain will probably be canceled at the last minute. Only one day before the planned start of the lawsuit against the finca owner, on whose property in Andalusia the accident happened a year ago, indictment and defense have been settled out of court, according to media reports.

The accused has agreed to accept the charge of negligent homicide and a year in prison, the Europa Press news agency and other Spanish media reported, citing judicial sources. The man would also pay compensation to the parents.

+++ 13.45 p.m .: further resignation in the affair about the murder of a disclosure journalist in Malta +++

Barely a week after she was sworn in, a minister in Malta resigned from her husband’s contacts with one of the alleged masterminds behind the murder of the revelation journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. Justyne Caruana, Minister for the Island of Gozo, said in her resignation letter that she had decided to take the step, even though she had nothing to do with the affair, as the Prime Minister’s office said.

+++ 13.44 PM: series of bomb threats in Moscow continues – background unclear +++

A series of unusual bomb threats continues to keep the authorities and residents of the Russian capital in suspense. Around 100 schools, kindergartens and shopping centers have been cleared today, the Russian state agency Ria Novosti reported, citing security circles in Moscow. In addition, threats have been received in some court buildings and maternity hospitals. The people were brought to safety. As in similar cases before, bombs have not yet been found. For around two and a half years all over Russia hundreds of threats have been received regularly via email and as anonymous calls to public institutions.

+++ 13.00: storm “Gloria” rages in Eastern Spain – two deaths and record waves +++

Snow and severe weather have caused blackouts, train delays and record waves in eastern Spain. The region around the coastal city of Valencia and the Balearic Islands with the holiday island of Mallorca were particularly affected by the storm “Gloria”. In the municipality of Gandia near Valencia, a 54-year-old homeless man was apparently frozen to death at night, Spanish media reported.

A man had already died in northern Spain on Sunday when he tried to pull up snow chains and was hit by a small van. The driver had lost control of the van on the snow-covered lane.

+++ 12.43 p.m .: No new records in the German sky – fewer commercial flights +++

There were fewer commercial flights in German airspace last year than a year earlier. For the first time since 2013, the number of controlled flight movements dropped again to 3.334 million, reports the German Air Traffic Control (DFS) in Langen near Frankfurt. That was 0.4 percent less than in 2018. The downward trend had started in the middle of the year.

+++ 12.10 PM: Austria’s rail starts night train connection between Vienna and Brussels +++

The first train of a new overnight connection between Vienna and Brussels arrived in the Belgian capital in the morning. The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) nightjet arrived punctually at 10.55 a.m. at Brussels South Station. It is the first direct passenger train between Belgium and Austria in 16 years.

The train left Vienna on Sunday evening and stopped in Munich, among other places. The train is adorned with the slogan #loveyourplanet: a train journey from Vienna to Brussels causes only a tenth of a flight’s CO2 emissions. According to the ÖBB, the sleeping and sleeping carriages of the Nightjet were fully booked.

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World News :

+++ 12.07 PM: the number of tourists worldwide increased by four percent in 2019 +++

The number of tourists worldwide has increased by four percent in the past year. The increase was less than in previous years, the reasons were the weakening global economy, geopolitical uncertainties and Brexit, said the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Madrid. In 2017 and 2018, the number of tourists grew by seven and six percent, respectively. The three most visited countries in 2019 were again France, Spain and the USA, as the UNWTO further announced. Final figures will be published in spring.

+++ 12.04 PM: Til Schweiger shows himself with a new woman at his side +++

The actor and film producer Til Schweiger showed himself with a new woman at his side. Schweiger attended a weekend boxing event in Hamburg together with a young blond woman. His manager confirmed to the German Press Agency in Hamburg that the 56-year-old had met someone. Everything was still fresh. In addition, Schweiger did not want to comment further.

Schweiger has four children from his longstanding marriage to the American Dana Schweiger, who were born between 1995 and 2002. Most recently, he opened several restaurants in Hamburg. This week his new film “The Wedding” will be released in cinemas.

+++ 11.43 p.m .: Blood drips in front of a cemetery in Thuringian Wasungen from a parked car +++

Creepy scene in Wasungen, Thuringia: A car parked in front of the cemetery with blood dripping from the trunk has called on the police. A concerned witness alerted the officials yesterday afternoon, the police in Suhl said today. At the alleged crime scene, the police met the car owner – a hunter who was able to clear up the blood trail quickly. The hunter had killed game the day before and then transported it in his car. After the police visit, he removed the remains of the blood.

+++ 11.40 clock: experts confirm the authenticity of Vincent van Gogh’s self-portrait +++

After decades of doubt about the authenticity of a portrait by Vincent van Gogh, there is now certainty that the self-portrait owned by the Norwegian National Museum in Oslo is real, said the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. In-depth “technical and stylistic studies” would have shown beyond any doubt that it came from the hand of the Dutch painter (1853-1890). Van Gogh painted himself at the end of August 1889 in the psychiatric clinic in Saint-Rémy in southern France.

The museum in Oslo had bought the painting in 1910. Since 1970, however, there had been doubts about authenticity. The history of origin was unclear, and style and use of color were also considered atypical for van Gogh. The Oslo Museum finally asked the experts at the Van Gogh Museum for a full investigation. “Based on style, technique, material, origin and special iconography, the investigators can now determine that the doubts were unjustified.”

+++ 11.36 clock: After threats: man should pay almost 40,000 euros for police operations +++

According to a court decision, a 24-year-old has to pay for the police operations after bomb and three amok threats. The judges at the Aachen Administrative Court dismissed his complaint against the fee decision of the Heinsberg district for just under 40,000 euros. The man had already been sentenced to a two-year suspended sentence in 2014 in criminal proceedings, partly because of these threats. The plaintiff had announced on May 14, 2013 by email to the police that he was killing at the secondary school in Heinsberg. On May 18, he is said to have announced a massacre of students and teachers for May 22 at the junior high school. On May 17, a fragmentation bomb was to explode at a summer party at a lake in Heinsberg, according to a threat. And in two more emails he is said to have threatened with a killing spree at the municipal secondary school in Hückelhoven.

+++ 11.10 PM: Former scout leader in court for a hundredfold child abuse +++

When the indictment was read out, the trial against the former head of a scout group for hundredfold sexual child abuse had started before the Freiburg Regional Court. The now 42-year-old, who was formerly employed by the Evangelical Church, is said to have passed on four boys several times a week between 2010 and 2018. The victims were between seven and 14 years old at the time of the crime. According to the investigators, the acts took place in the man’s apartment. He was already accused of abuse in 2004, but was acquitted at the time and then reinstated by the church. A total of 330 acts of sexual abuse have now been charged. The public prosecutor originally accused the German citizen of a total of 676 acts.

+++ 11.01: first Muslim candidate for CSU mayor: CSU no Christian sect +++

The CSU’s first Muslim mayor candidate, Ozan Iyibas, has advocated a strict separation of politics and religion. “The CSU is not a Christian sect – I don’t want a mix of party and religion,” said Iyibas, who was nominated as a CSU candidate in Neufahrn near Munich, to the “Bild” newspaper. The CSU wants to incorporate the Christian image of man and the values ​​in its actions, “but we are not a Christian sect”. The 37-year-old described the controversial decree issued by CSU Prime Minister Markus Söder, which includes hanging crosses in Bavarian offices, as “symbolic”. Still, he “has no problem hanging the Christian cross in my office – I live in a country that is Christian.” Iyibas had been nominated last week. Previously, resistance from the CSU base had prevented the candidacy of a Muslim candidate for mayor in the Swabian community of Wallerstein, which caused criticism of the CSU nationwide.

+++ 10.57 PM: shots in front of a local in Kansas City: at least two dead +++

Two people were killed by gunfire outside a night club in Kansas City, Missouri. Up to 15 others were injured, local media reported, citing the police. A man fired at several people who were waiting in line in front of the bar for admission, it was said. One of the dead is said to be the attacker. A security guard at the bar returned the fire and shot him. The second casualty was a woman. Her body was discovered in the parking lot. The condition of three of the injured is critical.

The background to the incident, which occurred just before midnight (local time) on Sunday, was initially completely unclear. Local TV broadcaster KSHB reported that the Kansas City Chiefs’ entry into the National Football League (NFL) final was celebrated. The party was sold out.

Sport compact: Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce celebrate a touchdown

Match turned: Quarterback Patrick Mahomes (No. 15) was the celebrated man in his Kansas City Chiefs’ breathtaking game against the Houston Texans

+++ 10.49 PM: dispute over Poland’s judicial reform: Walesa attacks President Duda +++

In the dispute over judicial reforms in Poland, former President Lech Walesa has sharply criticized current head of state Andrzej Duda. As a co-founder and former chairman of the Solidarnosc union, he did not allow Duda to refer to the movement in connection with the judicial reform, the Nobel Peace Prize winner wrote on Twitter. “They represent an attitude that wants to break the separation of powers for which Solidarnosc has fought.”

At the weekend in Katowice (Katowice), Duda recognized the union’s services to freedom in Poland and Europe at an event organized by the local Solidarnosc. He defended the judicial reforms of the conservative PiS government and criticized that a privileged group of judges opposed it. “I hope we can break through like we did before communism,” said Duda. The PiS has restructured the judiciary in recent years. The EU Commission has already opened several infringement proceedings against the government in Warsaw because of controversial reforms and has brought suits before the European Court of Justice.

+++ 10.32 PM: “Rosenheim cop” Joseph Hannesschläger is dead +++

He was the face of one of the most popular German television series: Joseph Hannesschläger, the “Rosenheim cop”, is dead. He lost the fight against cancer on Monday at the age of 57, according to the PR agency Presse-Partner, citing Hannesschläger Wife confirmed in the morning. Hannesschläger died in Munich. The PR agency said that his wife had been with him.

Since 2002 he was seen as Commissioner Korbinian Hofer in the ZDF cult series “The Rosenheim Cops”. It was only in autumn 2019 that he made his incurable disease public and announced that he could no longer play in the winning streak. Most recently, according to the “Bild” newspaper, he had to cancel a theater role in January 2020 because of his illness. Hannesschläger is survived by his wife Bettina, whom he married in 2018. He lived in his native city of Munich until the very end.

+++ 10.19 PM: Malaysia sends back 150 shipping containers with illegally exported garbage +++

Malaysia does not want to become the “garbage dump in the world” and has again shipped shipping containers with illegally exported plastic waste back to the countries of origin. Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin said in the port city of Butterworth that 150 containers with a total of 3737 tons of waste were on their way to France, Great Britain, the United States and Canada. 110 more would follow soon, 60 of them to the USA. Malaysia had already returned containers with plastic waste several times last year. China, which had imported a large part of the plastic waste for recycling for a long time, decided in 2018 to no longer process used plastic from other countries in order to improve its own environmental balance. Since then, large quantities of plastic have been brought to Southeast Asia.

Environmentalists in Malaysia demand that the government should completely ban the import of plastic waste. The return of unsorted waste is far from enough to solve the garbage problem. The import of pure, sorted plastic waste for the recycling industry is permitted.

Packaging waste at a new record high: 5 tips on how to avoid waste

+++ 9.33 clock: shrieking cries for help during theater rehearsal cause police operation in Iserlohn +++

Shrieking cries for help from a woman during a theater rehearsal triggered a police operation in Iserlohn in North Rhine-Westphalia. After worried witnesses called 911, the officers marched out to the apartment in question with several emergency vehicles, flashing lights and a siren, the officials said. “Eight minutes later it was clear: Everything was just theater,” said the police report. Because apparently a stage play with dramatic twists and turns was rehearsed in the apartment – with the window open. According to the police, it was unclear whether it was a crime thriller or a drama. “In any case, one of the actresses seems to be playing very authentically – at least the scene with the cries for help,” the officials reported.

+++ 8.47 clock: US Army examined “possible threat” against troops in Germany +++

The US military said it checked a potential threat to troops in Germany over the weekend. “We can confirm that a potential threat was identified and investigated on Saturday night,” a spokeswoman for the US Armed Forces in Europe said in the morning on request. “German and US officials were involved and no imminent threat was identified.”

The US magazine “Newsweek” previously reported that the United States had received information about a possible imminent attack on US soldiers in Germany. With regard to the goal, according to the report, US locations in Grafenwoehr in Bavaria and in Dülmen in North Rhine-Westphalia should have been named. “Newsweek” referred to an internal document with information about the notice received.

+++ 8.24 p.m .: Five injuries in train accident in Frankfurt Central Station +++

According to the fire department, five people were injured in a train accident at Frankfurt Central Station on Monday morning. A regional express vehicle had crashed into a bumper, the Frankfurt fire department said on the short message service Twitter. Two injuries were brought to the hospital, among others, they suffered lacerations on the head, said a spokesman. Three people were treated on the outpatient basis. The cause of the accident was initially unclear.

+++ 6.32 PM: Five people killed in a hot water pipe broken in Russia +++

At least five people died in the morning in Russia when a hot water pipe broke in a hostel in Perm in the Urals. Three other people were treated with severe burns in the hospital, Russian media reported. Due to the pipe burst, one floor of the “Karamel” hostel in an industrial district of Perm was completely flooded with boiling water.

+++ 6.08 PM: First case with a new type of corona virus in South Korea +++

The health authorities in South Korea have reported a disease with the new coronavirus from China for the first time. A 35-year-old Chinese woman was affected, said the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The woman arrived in South Korea on Sunday from the city of Wuhan in central China, where the majority of infections occurred. You have suffered from fever, breathing problems and other symptoms of the disease. Finally, the coronavirus had been detected in her.

+++ 5.53 clock: dispute in the club: two dead and five injured in the US city of San Antonio +++

At least two people were killed in gunfire after an argument in a music club in the US city of San Antonio. A 21-year-old man was shot in the club and another victim died on the way to the hospital, said the Texas City Police Chief William McManus. Five other people were injured. Her state of health is critical. The victims are guests of the club. The perpetrator is on the run.

“There was a kind of concert going on in there,” said McManus. Then there was an argument. At least one person shot. The chief of police could not say whether the perpetrators and victims were men or women and whether minors were involved. The investigation was still ongoing, he said. But: there is no danger to the public. “It was just an argument in the club and someone pulled a gun.”

+++ 5.51 clock: Mexico delivers former high employees of “El Chapo” to the United States +++

Mexico has extradited a former high-ranking employee of the drug boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán to the United States. The Mexican public prosecutor’s office only gave the name of the transferred prisoner with José “S”. However, government circles confirmed that it was José Sánchez Villalobos, the former chief financial officer of the Sinaloa cartel.

Sánchez Villalobos, who has been detained since 2012, is also known as the “Lord of the Tunnels”. He was also responsible for building tunnels from Mexican border towns to the United States that smuggled drugs. The Mexican authorities delivered “El Chapo” to the United States in 2017. There, the former head of the Sinaloa cartel was sentenced to life in prison last July.

+++ 5.42 a.m .: suspension bridge collapses through masses of water: nine dead in Indonesia +++

After a flash flood and the collapse of a suspension bridge in western Indonesia, the number of deaths has increased to nine. After heavy rain, water had swept the bridge in Bengkulu province. A human being was still missing after the accident, as the head of the emergency services said. At least 60 people had already died in the Southeast Asian country in early January after severe flooding.

+++ 4.53 clock: hail and severe weather warning in Australia +++

Heavy rain and thunderstorms have swept over parts of the fire areas in southeast Australia. In the capital, Canberra, hailstones as big as golf balls fell in places, similar to the day before in Melbourne. Cars and houses were demolished. The weather agency warned of violent winds and severe thunderstorms for regions in the states of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Flash floods are also possible. There have also been reports of other extreme weather events: Many Australians shared images online showing a massive sandstorm in New South Wales that darkened the sky. According to the weather agency, the storm in the city of Dubbo measured a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

A koala drinks from a puddle

Heavy rain has been helping with the extinguishing work since last week. The abundance of water also brought new problems: In Queensland, several highways and roads were flooded. Heavy bush fires have been raging in Australia for months. 29 people have died since September. The flames have so far destroyed more than 12 million hectares of land, which corresponds to about a third of the area of ​​Germany.

+++ 4.25 PM: Federal police apparently reduces requirements for applicants +++

According to a press report, the Federal Police has reduced its requirements for applicants for filling newly created positions. As the newspapers of the Funke media groups report, the federal police increased the tolerance to errors in the dictation during the German tests for middle-duty officers. Long jump and push-ups were also replaced by a pendulum run in the fitness test. As the spark sheets learned from the federal police, 853 officials will retire there in the current year alone. At the same time, the Bundestag approved additional positions. The Federal Police would add a total of 2,150 posts in the 2020 fiscal year.

+++ 3.16 clock: dummy bomb discovered in front of Pope Francis’ former home +++

A dummy bomb has been discovered in front of Pope Francis’ former home in Buenos Aires. The police opened the suspicious package outside the building in the Flores district with a controlled detonation, local media reported. However, the box only contained garbage. Pope Francis had spent his youth in the neighborhood. A commemorative plaque on the facade commemorates his former residence.

Several Argentine media recently reported that the new Argentine President Alberto Fernández will be received by Pope Francis in Rome in late January. Francis has not visited his home country since he was elected Catholic head of the church. According to observers, he does not want to be exploited by the rival political camps in his home country.

+++ 2.15 p.m .: Four arrests in the Netherlands after attempting to break into prison +++

In the Netherlands, several criminals have tried unsuccessfully to free an inmate from a maximum security prison. An attempt to break into the Zutphen detention center failed, the police said. None of the prisoners had escaped. The police arrested four suspects after intensive search. During the incident, a delivery truck went up in flames in the prison parking lot. The newspaper “De Telegraaf” reported that the perpetrators wanted to free a high-ranking member of the Amsterdam criminal organization Mocro Maffia. This inmate is serving a life sentence for being involved in two murders and two attempted murders.

The German police were also involved in the search for the perpetrators. The four suspects were arrested in the Dutch border area with Germany. Three of the men were arrested after a chase in the city of Wehl. The police fired a warning shot. The fourth man was caught in the neighboring Zevenaar.

+++ 1.54 PM: Mysterious lung disease in China: number of cases rises to 200 +++

After the outbreak of the mysterious lung disease in China, the number of confirmed cases has skyrocketed to around 200. Another patient died. This means that there are now three deaths, as reported by the health authority in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. For the first time, infections with the novel corona virus were also found in other places in China. In the Daxing district in Beijing, two patients tested positive for the new virus, and one in Shenzhen in southern China. According to the authorities, all three had previously been to Wuhan. The majority of infections continue to focus on the 11 million metropolis Wuhan with 198 cases. Of the patients, 35 are seriously ill, nine are in critical condition, the health agency reported.

Researchers at Imperial College London assume that the spread of the disease is much larger than previously known. According to their probability calculation, the experts estimate the number of patients to be more than 1,700.

+++ 1.02 PM: three men stabbed in London +++

Late Sunday evening, three men were stabbed to death in northeast London under unsettled circumstances. The police discovered three bodies when they arrived at the scene, the media reported. Scotland Yard has now started investigations into the death of men between the ages of 20 and 30. The area in the Seven Kings district has been largely closed off.

The authorities now suspect a triple murder, police representative Steve Clayman was quoted as saying. He did not want to comment on the possible motive. London Mayor Sadiq Khan expressed his sympathy to the families of the victims.

+++ 0.50 a.m .: German reporter attacked by demo of right-wing extremists in Athens +++

A German journalist was attacked and injured during a demonstration by right-wing extremists in Athens. He was beaten for four and a half minutes yesterday during the meeting, said reporter Thomas Jacobi, who works for Deutsche Welle and the French newspaper “La Croix”, the Greek news portal “Proto Thema”. A member of the AFP news agency saw Jacobi bleeding in the face. Jacobi criticized that the police did not intervene when he was beaten. For him, the fact that officials only appeared after four and a half minutes was “the most shocking” thing about the incident. The Greek government condemned the “fascist attack” on Jacobi. An investigation has been launched. Jacobi, in turn, announced a lawsuit, the Greek news agency ANA reported.

According to police, around 370 people protested on Syntagma Square, including members of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn. Jacobi had worked on a documentary from 2016 about the golden dawn. He assumes that he was attacked because participants recognized him.

+++ 0.27 PM: Prince Harry: I’m sad that it has come to this +++

The British Prince Harry (35) expressed regret when he left the role as a member of the closer royal family. “When Meghan and I got married, we were excited, hopeful, and wanted to do something useful,” Harry said in a speech to Sentebale aid workers that was posted to the couple’s Instagram account last night. He added: “That’s why I’m sad that it has come this far.”

It was only on Saturday that the royal family announced that Harry and Meghan would waive their title “Royal Highness” from the spring and would no longer take on official duties for the Queen. The couple had previously announced that they would partially withdraw.

+++ 0.15 a.m .: Zero round in the jungle camp: RTL does not send a candidate home +++

Gentle day in the jungle camp: In the RTL show “I’m a star – get me out of here”, none of the participating C celebrities had to leave the camp. The two moderators announced this to the stunned candidates around the campfire. The zero round was necessary so that there were still three candidates in the final on Saturday. Federal Minister of Transport Günther Krause (66) had to leave the show unscheduled last week because he had suffered a weakness. “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” candidate Toni Trips (22) and “Bachelor in Paradise” participant Marco Cerullo (31) left the jungle camp the days before because they received the fewest calls to the audience.

The 14th season of the entertainment show, which is being filmed in the Australian jungle, will end next Saturday with the coronation of the Jungle King or Queen.


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