Newsmax and Parler, the new election media for Trumpists

Until then, the Trumpist anger was mainly aimed at the “liberal” media, CNN in the lead, widely boasted at meetings of the American president or on his Twitter account. And then, recently, the resentment has shifted. « Fox sucks » (“Fox fears”), cried the pro-Trump demonstrators gathered on November 14 in Washington to denounce “A stolen election”.

A few days earlier, during election night, the Republicans of Woodstock (Virginia), gathered in a room at the local hotel, had also decided: “Fox is too biased. We go to Newsmax. ” Within a minute, the familiar faces and design of the channel, usually prized by conservative voters, had given way to the unknown presenter of the outgoing president’s new media darling and his supporters.

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“All on Newsmax! “, seems to be the currency of the disappointed Fox today. The latter did not support the announcement by the chain of the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the disputed state of Arizona, then the interruption of the broadcast of a press conference by the spokesperson of the White House, launched in a denunciation of non-existent fraud. For the president and his allies, these betrayals have tipped the conservative media into the enemy camp.

A ready-made reconversion for Trump

Multiplying the criticisms against this channel on which he has intervened continuously for four years, Donald Trump is now inviting his allies to join Newsmax, an ultra-conservative and hitherto confidential channel launched in 2014, from Florida, by Christopher Ruddy, a friend of the president, a member of his Mar-a-Lago club. On the occasion, the outgoing head of state also promotes One America News Network (OANN), another media of the radical right. None of these channels, which readily relay conspiracy theses, has, for the time being, recognized the victory of Joe Biden.

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The outgoing president’s prescribing power had immediate effects: Newsmax’s audience increased 156% during election week, reaching an average of 223,000 viewers, according to the Nielsen Group. At the height of the suspense surrounding the election result, the channel even gathered a million people, when Fox News gathered 2 million.

However, beyond this post-electoral craze, the question of the lasting interest in this medium, which currently has limited resources, is already being raised.

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