Nexon’s new MMORPG Hit 2 teaser site opened in the second half of the year

On the 19th, Nexon opened a teaser site for the new MMORPG ‘Hit 2’ under development by its subsidiary Nexon Games and released a new video.

On the site opened this time, you can check the BI of ‘Hit 2’, which inherited the symbolism of the original ‘HIT’, and the official teaser video. It was produced based on the TV CF ‘Will You Look Only’, which was a hot topic at the time of the original release, and stimulated nostalgia.

The next work, ‘Hit 2’, which succeeds the worldview of ‘HIT’, the representative IP of Nexon Games, seeks to transform into an MMORPG genre with the highest level of graphics and technology that has been developed know-how. Inheriting the attractive characters and story of the original, it plans to provide a differentiated experience centering on the next-generation open field, where siege warfare, competition and cooperation between users, and large-scale battles are installed from the time of release.

In relation to this, Nexon predicted that new news about ‘Hit 2’ would be released soon along with the phrase ‘2022.06 Coming Soon’ on the teaser site. As Nexon mentioned pre-registration in the second quarter with respect to ‘Hit 2’, it is expected that pre-registration will be conducted along with the release of new information. Starting with this, Nexon and Nexon Games plan to start official services in Korea as a mobile/PC multi-platform in the second half of this year.

PD Park Young-sik, who oversees the development of ‘Hit 2’, said, “We are working hard to provide a completely new experience in an MMO environment while reproducing the original sensibility.” said

Wonbin Moon, Reporter at Game Talk

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