Next Mario Golf offers completely new ways to play

Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct presentation served up a bunch of Switch news, including a new feature in the Mario Golf series. The game has been subtitled Super Rush, and will hit the hybrid console on June 25.

In Speed ​​Golf mode, it’s all about being the fastest. Image: Nintendo

Mario Golf: Super Rush serves both Mario Golf in familiar style, but also offers several new ways to play. You can see a taste of several of these in the trailer at the top of the article.

In addition to traditional rounds of golf for one or more players, you can, among other things, compete in the Speed ​​Golf racing mode, where everyone plays at the same time and the goal is to jump to the golf ball and then run as fast as possible where it lands and then strike.

Nintendo also just showed off a story-based mode where you play as your own Mii character. The program is very reminiscent of the Switch game Golf Story, where you meet new characters and solve golf-related tasks on the way to becoming a professional player.

Mario Golf: Super Rush can be played in handheld mode or, for Wii Sports nostalgics, with the motion control of the Joy-Con controller.

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