Next session of negotiations between Lebanon and Israel postponed

Postponement of negotiations between Lebanon and Israel

The next session of negotiations between Lebanon and Israel on the demarcation of their maritime border, initially scheduled for this week, has been postponed, a Lebanese military source told AFP on Monday.

“We have been officially informed of the postponement of the indirect negotiating session,” she added without providing a new date. The fourth session of talks between the two neighbors, still officially at war, was scheduled for Wednesday, December 2. Its postponement was requested by American mediators, according to the military source.

On November 20, Israel accused Lebanon of repeatedly changing its position on the demarcation of the maritime border, warning that this could lead to an impasse and thus hamper offshore hydrocarbon exploration in the region.

Crucial negotiations

The two countries began negotiations in early October through the UN and the United States, over a disputed maritime area of ​​860 square kilometers according to a map registered with the UN in 2011 but that Lebanon now judges’ hui wrong. According to Lebanese analyst Laury Hayatan, Lebanon had requested an additional 1,430 km2 area further south, extending into part of the Karish gas field that Israel has entrusted to the Greek company Energean.

The negotiations are particularly crucial for a Lebanon in the midst of economic collapse, which wants to remove all obstacles to the exploration of hydrocarbons in the Mediterranean.

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