NextRadioTV reduces the scale of its departure plan a little

Thursday September 17 at midday, the courtyard of the Altice campus, in the 15e arrondissement of Paris, will once again be the scene of a general assembly. The inter-union of the NextRadioTV UES (the media branch of the Altice group, which brings together the channels BFM-TV, BFM Business, RMC, RMC Sport, RMC Découverte, RMC Story) will report to employees on the agreement reached on Tuesday evening at subject of the voluntary departure plan, called “transformation and recovery project” and announced by management on May 19.

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Instead of the 330 to 380 forced departures originally announced, 245 employees (i.e. “Around 25% of the company’s permanent workforce”, specifies an internal source) who will have to express their wish to leave their job, on a voluntary basis, between October 8 and December 23. In addition, a third of the freelancers, who will be able to benefit from the conditions of the plan “Under certain conditions of eligibility”, as well as a little less than half of the consultants, and a part of the intermittents – departures which do not fall strictly speaking within the framework of the plan.

“This reorganization is profound, but necessary in the face of structural challenges” that the company faces, defends Arthur Dreyfuss, CEO of Altice France. Beyond the drop in advertising revenue linked to the health crisis, the group wishes to take a new turn in order to resist competition from platforms and the development of new uses that weaken the media. traditional.

“It’s a defeat”

Abruptly interrupted in July, when management felt “Constraint” to pursue its objective outside of any consensual framework, negotiations with the inter-union (CFDT, CFTC, CGT, SNJ, UNSA and FO) resumed on August 31, “In a great spirit of responsibility”, assure Arthur Dreyfuss. “The conditions obtained are more favorable to employees than those presented to the CSE on July 24 in the unilateral management project”, welcomes the intersyndicale in an internal email.

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The spite remains however. “It is a defeat, after an unprecedented strike movement, for the employees, thus indicates the angry RMC / BFM Twitter account, representing companies of journalists of the two editors. It is also a defeat for the management, which has broken something: the dynamics of the group ”, they add, furious that a “Beneficiary group” fired, and worried about the editorial quality of their work.

In addition to the fact that the conventional and additional indemnities have been increased, accompanying measures applicable to permanent contracts (aid for certified training, participation in the costs of setting up or taking over a business, reclassification leave, etc.) have been adopted. , which allow Arthur Dreyfuss to speak of a “Responsible agreement, and incentive for those who wish to leave”. No forced redundancy will be possible before December 31, 2021.

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