Neymar, PSG player, gave a gift to a child from Barranquilla – Barranquilla – Colombia

The parents of Noymar Herrera Porras, the Barranquilla boy who managed to take a photo with a Brazilian star Neymar, they do not leave their astonishment when receiving in their house a gift sent by the player of the Paris Saint Germain.

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“We received an order addressed to the child, when we opened it it was a gift sent by Neymar”, Mario Herrera, the boy’s father, tells with emotion.

In the box came a sweatshirt, a T-shirt and Puma brand gloves, the same as those used by Neymar. The order arrived last Friday.

There came a message in which Neymar’s sponsor remembers the beautiful experience of the children and the player “will remain forever in Ney’s memory”, and adds that the same Brazilian star was the one who decided to send him the gift “so that joy may be even greater. “

Noymar Herrera Porras wears the clothes and gloves that Neymar sent him from Brazil.


Courtesy Mario Herrera

The photo of Noimar and Neymar, which went around the world, was recorded on October 10 outside the Hotel Estelar, in the north of Barranquilla, where the Brazil team was concentrated for the game against Colombia for the qualifying rounds to Qatar.

The boy arrived with his parents early and they waited more than five hours for the player to leave. It was the moment that the little one took advantage of in a race to break the security fence and arrive in the midst of tears and tears to the arms of Neymar, who, seeing the anguish of the child, received him with open arms.

They were very emotional minutes, in which the little boy with his face wiped with tears spoke to the player. The 10 of the Brazilian team watered his eyes and hugged him. He asked the boy for the cell phone so he could take the selfie that went around the world.

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Herrera says that, after taking the photo, a friend uploaded the video to the networks and that was where the advisers of the Brazilian player managed to locate the address of the house to send the package.

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“That will be the premiere on December 24, now it is only measured,” says the father of the little Noimar, 7 years old, who is a fan of the Brazilian star. “It is a little big, but he says it does not matter,” adds the man amid the joy of telling the story.



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