Neymar slams the Brazilians who want Messi to win the Copa.

Neymar slams the Brazilians who want Messi to win the Copa.

Neymar, the world-famous superstar striker of the Brazilian national team Come out hard on the Brazilian people who came out to show their support for “Blue White” Argentina to beat Brazil in the Copa America final game this morning, July 11 at 7:00, just the reason to see Leo. Neil Messi wins first national title

Fabiola Andrede, Samba sports journalist Backing Messi only because he wants to see her beloved win a national championship.

“Before throwing stones at me in public Listen to me explain. I love Brazil. Brazilian football. I have many Argentinian friends. But I don’t support Argentina in the Copa America final because they don’t, I support because I love #football and Leo Messi @leomessi this man must win in his national team shirt colour. ! It’s the most fair!” said the reporter.

From this case, Neymar is not very pleased. And causing him to come out to post a message through the Instagram website that “I am a Brazilian with great love and pride. My dream has always been to play for the Brazilian national team. and heard the fans cheering.”

“I never attacked. Or will attack Brazilians if they compete in any event? Whether it’s sports, model/model contests, Oscar announcements. If they’re Brazilian, I’m Brazilian and whoever is Brazilian. it’s good I’m ready to respect but to hell for the adversary (with the same nationality),” said Neymar.

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