Neymar’s focus on his future

The PSG star returned to his recent words that had caused ink to flow.

«I don’t know if I will still have the mental strength to continue in football“. On October 10, Neymar’s words from a future DAZN documentary dedicated to him set the football world on fire. “I think the 2022 World Cup will be my last ”, also declared the Brazilian star. Since then, speculation has been rife about the future in high-level football of the PSG player, who is only 29 years old.

I don’t know what can happen


In an interview published on the site of Red Bull, one of his sponsors, Neymar made an update. “I said something, but people understood something else. I said that, yes, this would be my last World Cup and that I would approach it in the best possible way. I’ll give my best to be 100% because that’s how I approach every game. If there’s a game tomorrow, for me it’s like it’s the last of my life. So for this World Cup coming up, I think about it like it’s the last for me because I don’t know what can happen», Explained Neymar.

“When I said that, it created a bit of controversy. People said that I wanted to quit football and that I was going to quit the selection. People have understood a totally different thing. I just wanted to say that I will approach it (this World Cup) as if it were the last because we don’t know what can happen ”, he insists.

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Verratti a “genius”, Jordan his “idol”

Asked about his reunion with Lionel Messi in Paris, Neymar said “very happy and very satisfied». «Not only is he a football idol, a top player and a genius, he is also my friend. And when you have friends by your side, your daily life is lighter and calmer. We hope to write history together, as we did in Barcelona“, Confided Neymar who also considers Marco Verratti as”a genius». «Today I can say he is one of the best midfielders I have played with, alongside Xavi and Iniesta». The “speedMbappé also impresses him.

Authors of 70 goals in the Brazilian jersey (in 115 caps), Neymar also confides in aiming for Pelé’s record (77 goals). “It is a clear objective. But I’m far from thinking I’m better than Pelé or comparing myself to him», Explains the former Santos player – like Pelé – whose idol and model is called Michael Jordan. “He inspires me. I believe we have similar stories. ” While we lend him the will to convert to professional poker once the studs are hung up, we will not see him at the edge of the lawns. “I’m not planning on becoming a coach, far from it. I don’t know yet what I’m going to do, I haven’t decided. We’ll see».


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