NFL Divisional Round 2022: This is how playoff games remain AT THE MOMENT

Little by little there are fewer teams left in the fight for the Vince Lombardi trophy, because this weekend The NFL playoffs began with the wild card games to meet the six franchises that will qualify for the Divisional Round, phase in which the Tennessee Titans y los Green Bay Packers.

The Titans are already in this round because they were the best team in the American Conference, while Aaron Rodgers and the Packers They were the leaders of the National Conference, despite losing his final regular season game.

When is the 2022 NFL Divisional Round played?

Divisional Round playoff gamesNFL s they will be playing next weekend, on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 January, being this last day when we meet the teams that will fight for the Conference Championship.

When is the Super Bowl 2022?

Everyone is anxious for the big day of the Super Bowl to arrive, where not only American football fans are aware of this game, but thousands of people wait for this date, since it is one of the best sporting events and also the halftime show always steals the spotlight for a few minutes.

It will be next Sunday, February 13 at 5:30 p.m. when the 56th edition of the Super Bowl takes place. at SoFi Stadium in California.

Teams eliminated from the Wild Card Round

Las Vegas Raiders

New England Patriots

Wild Card Round Results

Las Vegas Raiders 19-26 Cincinnati Bengals

New England Patriots 17-47 Buffalo Bills

Philadelphia Eagles 15-31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

San Francisco 49ers vs Cowboys Dallas

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Kansas City Chiefs

Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams

Qualified to the AFC Divisional Round AT THE MOMENT

Tennessee Titans

Buffalo Bills

Cincinnatti Bengals

AFC Divisional Round Matchups CURRENTLY

If Chiefs and Bills win

Bengals visita a Titans

Bills visita a Chiefs

If the Bills and Steelers win

Steelers visitan a Titans

Bengals visita a Bills

Qualified to the NFC Divisional Round AT THE TIME

Green Bay Packers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC Divisional Round Matchups CURRENT

If Buccaneers, Cowboys and Cardinals win

Cardinals visitan a Packers

Cowboys visitan a Buccaneers

If Buccaneers, Rams and 49ers win

49ers visitan a Packers

Rams visitan a Buccaneers

If Cowboys, Eagles and Rams win

Eagles visitan a Packers

Rams visitan a Cowboys

If Cowboys, Eagles and Arizona win

Eagles visitan a Packers

Cardinals visitan a Cowboys

If the 49ers, Eagles and Rams win

Eagles visitan a Packers

49ers visitan a Rams

If the 49ers, Eagles and Cardinals win

Eagles visitan a Packers

49ers visitan a Cardinals



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