“NFL Free Agency 2023: Schedule, Top Free Agents, Salary Cap, and Teams’ Cap Space Guide”

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Along with the NFL Draft is the Free Agency one of the two big pieces of the puzzle for NFL teams to bolster their roster in a meaningful way. Due to the salary cap „Salary Cap“, mostly the weaker teams with few superstars can improve their team. teams like that Chicago Bears have enough this year Cap Spaceto sign several top players, while some teams can only get below the salary cap through restructuring and game layoffs due to contractual legacies.

All information about the start of the NFL Free Agency.

NFL Free Agency 2023 schedule

  • March 13 – 15: The “unofficial” start of Free Agency 2023 was on March 13th one 5 p.m. German time – the teams can then already negotiate with players whose contracts are expiring. Although fat deals have already been bagged, they will not be official until the start of the new league year on March 15th.
  • March, 15: The new league year begins at 10 p.m. German time – the “official” start of the 2023 NFL transition period.

Top 10 Free Agents Still Available for 2023 – Odell Beckham Jr. and Co.

Jimmy Garoppolo, Javon Hargrave and many other sought-after free agents have already signed new contracts. Here you can read the latest signings in the NFL Free Agency 2023. An overview of the best free agents still available for the current offseason in the NFL:
  • 10. Ezekiel Elliott, Running Back, Dallas Cowboys
  • 9. Marvin Jones, Wide Receiver, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 8. Cameron Brate, Tight End, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 7. Dalton Risner, Guard, Denver Broncos
  • 6. Poona Ford, Defensive Tackle, Seattle Seahawks
  • 5. Deion Jones, Middle Linebacker, Atlanta Falcons
  • 4. Leonard Floyd, Defensive End, L.A. Rams
  • 3. Frank Clark, Defensive End, Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2. Taylor Lewan, Tackle, Tennessee Titans
  • 1. Odell Beckham Jr., wide receiver, last season without a team

Tackle Orlando Brown (right) won the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs in February. He is under contract with the Cincinnati Bengals starting next season.
© Photo: Charlie Riedel/dpa

What is the teams’ cap space and how does the NFL salary cap work?

The Salary Cap is the maximum amount that NFL teams are allowed to spend annually on player salaries. Does a franchise violate the salary cap, threaten financial sanctions up to the loss of draft picks. With this instrument, the league should be kept as balanced as possible, since each team has to operate with the same salary range. At the same time there is one salary floor: Each team must use at least 89% of the cap on player salaries.

Salary cap 2023 at $224.8 million

The salary cap increases almost every year because it is linked to the sales of the entire NFL. This year it is included $224.8 million.

In principle, it is possible for teams to juggle the cap numbers. For example, contracts can be designed in such a way that the financial burden of a contract is transferred to later years, the cap hit is team-friendly at the beginning and teams can keep more good players in the team.

Bears and Falcons with high cap space – Buccaneers and Saints with negative cap space

Die New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the two prominent examples this year of how the financial leeway is limited due to the shifting of the cap burdens into future years. Currently (as of 3/9/23) both teams are above the salary cap at $28 million (Saints) and $52 million (Buccaneers). at total 13 Teams Is that still the case?

In contrast, they have Chicago Bears as well as the Houston Texans by far the most cap space. Both teams have few stars in their ranks and a correspondingly short list of big earners.

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