NFL: Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs star qb on proposal of marriage

At the beginning of the month, Patrick Mahomes is known to have secured the second very important ring:

The Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl winner and star quarterback proposed marriage to Brittany Matthews – in the form of a diamond-studded ring, of course.

So far, so nice: But now the otherwise cool Mahomes has admitted that he had a lot of jitters when he got down on his knees in front of his long-time girlfriend – even more than during his greatest sporting success so far, when he was on February 2nd triumphed against the San Francisco 49ers with 31:20.

When asked whether there really was anything more nerve-wracking than the fourth quarter of a Super Bowl, the 24-year-old explained in an interview with KCSP 610 Sports Radio: “Probably propose marriage, I would say.”

Mahomes on marriage proposal: Your heart is racing

Mahomes added, “You don’t think it’s nerve-wracking, especially when you’ve been with someone for so long. But before you get down on your knees, your heart will race, I promise you.”

The $ 500 million QB, who rose to the top earner Olympus through his contract with Kansas through 2031, had asked for the hand of his loved one on the same day that he received his first Super Bowl ring.

The professional fitness trainer Matthews, who previously sent him a message of love on the giant video screen of the Arrowhead Stadium, accepted the application and immediately posted photos of the application on Instagram.

Britanny Matthews shows the ring she got from Patrick Mahomes ©

You can see how a box in the stadium was decorated with hundreds of flowers, in the background the words “Will you marry me?” to see. Who can say no to such an arrangement?

Mahomes and Matthews have been a couple since high school.

Mentally free again for the Super Bowl

The fact that the NFL superstar has the subject of marriage now half off the table should give the Chiefs fans a sigh of relief that their darling is mentally unencumbered again to cope with further Super Bowl quarters.

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