NFL Podcast Divisional Playoffs Preview: Nach den Steelers

Can the Cleveland Browns beat Mahomes and the Chiefs after the Steelers? Do the Rams shock the Packers in Lambeau? How does Buffalo Lamar Jackson stop, and who will win Brees vs. Brady? The official NFL podcast from DAZN and SPOX gets you in the mood for the first round of playoffs!

SPOX-NFL Editor Adrian Franke shared with moderator Christoph Kroeger in April 2018 the Down, Set, Talk! Podcast founded. Weekly analyzes and tactical backgrounds should be the focus as well as current events and fantasy football. “Down, Set, Talk!” is the official NFL podcast of DAZN and SPOX.

Here are those current episode on iTunes, here on Podimo, here on Spotify and here on YouTube. You can also find an overview of all episodes on our website.

In addition, there is now official “Down, Set, Talk!” – Merchandise! It’s this way!


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