NFT on Instagram: Meta announces the extension of the use of NFT to 100 countries via Coinbase, how much is this photo of Mark Zuckerberg worth in NFT?

NFTs are coming to Instagram…

Unsurprisingly, the NFT will therefore be accessible on Instagram. It was Mark Zuckerberg who officially announced it on Facebook, with this photo published this morning on social networks. It does not take much for the news to snowball on social networks, with the usual recommendations of monetized links to invest in cryptoassets whose future no one can predict.

Speculation promises to start again with renewed vigor…

The NFT collection should therefore start again. Young people on social networks are the first consumers of NFTs, collecting anything and everything in the hope of finding a nugget that increases in value. The disappointed will obviously be the vast majority. But chess is also rich in lessons.

From the origin of this photo

Connecticut 5th grade teacher Allie Tarantino still works summers at Elmwood Day Camp in Westchester, New York. It was there that he met little Zuckerberg, then 8 or 9 years old. An obviously totally ordinary child. This photo taken at the end of this summer camp was signed by the child. Suddenly, Allie Tarantino hopes to make a small fortune by putting it up for auction. Baseball card collecting is a common passion in the USA. How much will this NFT be worth?

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