Ng, looking at chats leaked. Celebrities invite “female journalists” to play and be harassed in the chat for a dozen times.

Tell me that I’m not alone But the first case that happened was Artist, comedian, father’s age invite “Female reporter” Go up to the room or continue after an appointment for an interview on the desired issue. But what he said was the strongest Because in the middle of the event, it’s no exception, plus a degree to the business owner.

Called that the interview was not completed in time because the reporter said Has a beautiful face and plump, inviting you to be fascinated, so I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to go up to the room. In the midst of people who knew they were hungry for this reporter, but fortunately, the reporter didn’t play with it, rejecting it.

This work is not a breast to tell the wind. because there is a famous channel photographer as a witness and then clearly heard that the event actually happened, like asking for etiquette confirm that it is true In this first case, there is no chat. but invite them to the front When the female reporter honestly refused Back was also accused of playing. in the sentence “Why are you playing so hard? Others still agree with me.” Let’s continue to think for ourselves what we’ve given up on. but anyway Dazzling himself as a famous person but not much work I really want to drag my intestines out.

The repetitive part is not enough. The next case is threatened in the face. There are still many people who say that Saying the name would be all right. Because it’s the artist of the father’s generation. There are ten people. Famous people have direct chat with you. Because there is a way to contact from interview requests as news sources. ten people in the industry There is evidence that clearly confirms that they come to see the real womanizer, but shouldn’t do it, don’t you think so?

Who knows Star Pilas of Kom Chad Luek Entertainment I think it’s embarrassing. Some people already have wives. Some are old for their father’s time. Some people do not think there is a dark corner. Thinking of doing something fishy, ​​not caring about the world, closing his eyes because of his own needs.

Nowadays, it’s probably not just a celebrity. Or people in the entertainment industry, recently, a journalist who helped make news for artists. or famous people to enhance various works Sexual harassment can happen anywhere: work, school, home, public spaces. or even on social media and those who hit it often but not normal

Let me tell you that if the chat is not blurry, can talk, will reveal it all. If you have a wife, you shouldn’t have it. Even if you don’t have it, you shouldn’t anyway. I have warned you before it reveals more. and took a sample of the chat that came out Serve it as a dipping sauce first. Don’t give it too much They’re all grown-ups, but they’re not hungry. I’m confused. I think I’m very angry on behalf of that young white woman. Fortunately, she is good at deflecting, not conforming, as in the example of the chat that has leaked. The evidence is complete this way.

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