Nicaraguan NGO headquarters destroyed in government-controlled building

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Managua, Jan 30 (EFE) .- A headquarters of the NGO Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) appeared destroyed, as confirmed this Saturday, which aroused signs of repudiation, since the building is located in an area controlled by the Government of Nicaragua, accused of violating fundamental rights.

The Cenidh building in Managua, next to President Daniel Ortega’s mansion, was in the hands of the Government, which confiscated it in December 2018, after the NGO denounced alleged “crimes against humanity” committed by police and Sandinistas against hundreds of people who participated in the massive anti-government protests that year.

Photographs apparently taken clandestinely show that the only thing left standing of the building were the walls.

“The Cenidh is not four walls, some furniture, a single person, Cenidh is all #Nicaragua that demands justice, freedom, democracy and human rights #Nonoscallarán”, the NGO published on its Twitter account.

Cenidh has blamed the government for at least 325 deaths, including dozens of police officers, during armed attacks against peaceful demonstrations, which left hundreds of prisoners, dead or missing, thousands of wounded, and tens of thousands in exile.

“The harassment of human rights defense organizations has no end. All my solidarity with Cenidh,” said Antonia Urrejola, the rapporteur for Nicaragua of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).


The activist of Nicaraguan origin, Bianca Jagger, on behalf of the foundation that bears her name in the United Kingdom, pointed out Ortega directly for the attack on Cenidh.

“On behalf of @TheBJHRF (Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation) I denounce and condemn this new act of aggression by the dictator #Ortega against the respected Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights @cenidh. We stand in solidarity with the brave human rights defenders who are being persecuted and harassed. #SomosCenidh, “the activist wrote on her Twitter account.

For his part, the former executive secretary of the IACHR, Paulo Abrao, listed in a tweet the actions of the Government of Nicaragua against Cenidh. “1 State represses and murders, 2 (removes) legal personality, 3 confiscates its headquarters, 4 criminalizes its free financing, 5 destroys its facilities.”

Abrao stressed that Nicaragua is experiencing a “State of Exception.”

The Center for Justice and International Law (Cejil), based in Costa Rica, also took to Twitter to show its rejection of “this new aggression against @cenidh and the de facto confiscation carried out by the Government. Our solidarity with the and human rights defenders who, despite the circumstances, remain firm in their work “.

According to the complaints, the destruction occurred yesterday Friday, the day that Cenidh and four other NGOs that defend human rights in Nicaragua issued a report in which they revealed that at least 49 indigenous people were killed in 2020, without the authorities investigating the crimes .

Nicaragua is going through a bloody socio-political crisis that was not observed from the years 1980 to 1990, also with Ortega in the Presidency.

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