Nice-Red Star: “We were robbed of our match”, claim the Audonian supporters

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Obviously, they would have liked the match to be played in their boiling den of the Bauer stadium. The draw had moreover so decided in May s the French Federation (FFF), in agreement with the Paris Police Prefecture, refused to allow this Red Star – Nice to be held within the walls of Saint-Ouen. Even if the FFF approved it until 2021 for the National and Coupe de France matches up to and including the round of 16, it considered that the place is far too dilapidated to accommodate the duel. It has been reversed and will be played on Saturday (1 p.m.) at the Allianz Riviera in Nice. “The FFF stole our match,” says a leader of the Red Star Fans, who make up the kop. “It is a punishment, really very unfair, supports Jean, 65 years old including 50 in support of the club. It was a nice gift … When I see the atmosphere against Chambly (Editor’s note: qualification 2-1 in the 32nd final against an L 2), it would have been a wonderful celebration. “

Followers of the Red Star, whose last round of 16 was in 2015 against Marseille Consolat (National) at … Bauer, are aware that the eventful visit of the Minister of Sports on December 13, did not serve their purpose. cause. On a private visit, Roxana Maracineanu had to leave the stadium under protection at half-time after being heckled by a dozen aggressive spectators.

The Red Star Fans are said to have “boycotted” a trip to Nice

Today, some supporters regret that the club, which “did not wish to receive OGC Nice anywhere other than Bauer”, quickly sided behind the inversion rather than looking into a place of withdrawal in Île-de -France. “There was Saint-Gratien, Créteil, there we find ourselves making a match 1000 kilometers from home, it’s a shame …”, plague Jean. “I was waiting for the club to offer a trip because we were dispossessed of our match but nothing is planned, it’s a shame,” added Jacques, a loyal member of Bauer’s side stands.

The match broadcast in the Jules-Rimet hall of the Bauer stadium

Except that at the outset, the Red Star Fans let the leaders know that they were not interested in a trip to Nice. “We are boycotting in reprisals against the FFF,” said one of the leaders.

This Wednesday, the club still announced that it was responsible for the entry ticket to its subscribers in Nice. Good news for the bravest. Because eight days after attending Toulon – Red Star in the league (0-1), some will be at the Allianz Riviera on Saturday. With a good dose of courage and a lot of D system. The first train on Saturday in Paris arriving at 12:38 (22 ‘only before kickoff) in downtown Nice, André will, for example, leave as of Friday, and find refuge for the night with a loved one. His friend Franck opted for the night bus …

For the others, the club has planned to organize a broadcast of the match on screen, in the Jules-Rimet room of the Bauer stadium within the limit of available places.


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