Nichols: We want to support the Venezuelan opposition in a process towards free elections (+ video)

He assured that the name of Álex Saab is not an option for exchanging prisoners.

The Undersecretary of State for the Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Brian Nichols, offered an interview to The Voice of America and reaffirmed the support of the United States for the Venezuelan opposition.

He made it clear that what the United States is looking for “is a path towards free and transparent actions so that all Venezuelans can have a government that represents them.”

“We are firm in supporting the opposition in Venezuela, [pero] The Unitary Platform represents the aspirations of the Venezuelan people and we want to support them in a process towards free elections”, he added.

Nichols was asked about the possibility that the absence of a Venezuelan representation in the OAS General Assembly could cause some kind of “damage” to the continent.

“What is important is to come together as a region in favor of a negotiated solution,” replied the official.

“And Venezuela is an important country. Venezuelans have suffered enormously under that regime of Nicolás Maduro and we have to move towards a democratic solution to the problem,” Nichols added.

“There are differences between how he sees the situation among some member states of the organization. However, there is a focus on a democratic way out,” she added.

About Alex Saab

He also spoke about the exchange of prisoners and revealed that Álex Saab is in the negotiation.

“That is never on the table. They can request whatever they want, but that’s not on the table,” she said.

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“It was a difficult decision to free the convicted relatives, however to free our people it was important,” he said.

Nichols assured that they will continue to “push” to achieve the release of all political prisoners in Venezuela and that they return to the negotiating table in Mexico.

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