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Nicki Nicole and an emotional show of the girl singing songs she likes

Nicki nicole born in Rosario and inaugurated her first world tour here, in the city where she was born. In the preview, while his local friends Nasir Catriel and Fasciolo shone on stage, the street showed a hat, flag, posters and headband, which colored the sidewalks of San Lorenzo, between Entre Ríos and Miter, where the Broadway Theater, a redoubt transformed into a blanket for the box office artists of the new generation who respond to the label of urban sound.

When the lights went out and the curtain rose, the outburst of voices was huge, reinforcing that its representation is unfailingly a cultural phenomenon that controls the limit of the social and the industry, but with which there was really uncertainty: How will a show of Nicki Nicole?

Until today, in addition to a few sporadic stage appearances, event appearances, and song productions, on a large scale everything in Nicki Nicole’s life seemed to be disembodied figures. His latest album swept over 350 million streams, reaching # 2 worldwide and # 9 in the United States.s. Even so, that does not seem to impact if the measuring stick includes that he shared a song and stage with Christina Aguilera, was invited to the Jimmy Fallon show, or is one of the figures of the Tiny Desk, an unparalleled sensation of musical proposals on digital platforms. It’s a lot, Nicki is a star.

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Photo: Celina Mutti Lovera / La Capital

But he is also a person who creates songs, who two years ago kicked the streets of Rosario recording demos and rapping where he could, or competing in freestyle battles in the plaza.s. And suddenly, ‘Wapo Traketero’. All the following images are dizzying, panic and crazy Nicki Nicole version, to the point that no one really understands what happened, but today she is one of the most promoted artists in the world, and with the seasoning of a pandemic in the middle. Nothing responds to a logic.

Until Nicki came on stage, took a deep breath, and touched her chest. Are you suffering? Are you enjoying yourself? The first sounds of ‘Colocao’ were heard, and the two dancers and the four dancers, in addition to dancing, seem to like it. People explode. The first impression is that Nicki understood everything a stage and audience need: identification.

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Photo: Celina Mutti Lovera / La Capital

Along these lines, it seems that he speaks to every person who is here. Say hello, and a girl says “greeted me. Then he points, and another person says “He saw me”. The first words he expresses outside of the songs are “What a pleasure to be at home, good night Rosario”. She is dressed in white urban clothes, intervened with red letters that mention the song titles of her second album, the one she is presenting. Everything seems rehearsed, there is little room for improvisation, but his gestures reveal that at any moment he leaves the script. Instant advances among giants, in an uncertain and not very generous environment, Nicki was breaking down doors of the industry and reaching the homes and ears of many people, and now she is here, and she is from here. People can’t take it anymore. He screams, raises songs: “Oh, Nicki is Rosario, like Messi, and Di María.”

In the structure of the show, captain of emotions, a video shows Nicki’s dizzying adventures between combis, rehearsals, and other herbs. He starts a solo piano and she breaks protocol. Dressed at night in black tones, she explains that “I had to change my personality, so that they would accompany me in prayers“He sits in the center of the stage as if he were at home, again he greets, and again the explosion is heard when he says”I go from hell to the sun“. And it cannot go on. He stops, cries and asks “Do you dare to continue?”And they continue, of course.

Then she highlights that the tour is very important, that she feels calm and “I want you to know that where I am, I’m thinking of you”. They bring him posters, and he has contact with people. Then again out of script, he says “sorry, I made it too long“She is the natural Nicki, and perhaps it is no coincidence that she goes outside the protocol in songs that feel comfortable to her, such as” If you ask me to “or” When I see you. ” enjoy and pass it on. It almost always moves in the center of the stage that has stairs and when it goes up, the figure invades all physical spaces.

There it stands out that among all the hybrids that sneak into the “urban sound” label, Nicki from “Wapo Traketero” always stands out. The unclassifiable, which is not a voice of soul, or funk, or jazz, or hip hop, but it looks a bit like all of that together. That sets her apart, and the power, despite the overproduction.

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Photo: Celina Mutti Lovera / La Capital

Third change of clothes. As the band rocks, ask “¿That sound sounds to them? ” is “She is not yours.” But in “Don’t touch my naik” is when the theater falls apart and Nicki is “ready pa’l party. The vocal backs of Ayelen Zuker and Camila Ibarra souvenir everything, meanwhile, there is also time for a guitar solo by Raúl Andrés Cortes.

Another change of clothes. Again dressed for night, but this time white. He cries again. And an encouraging ‘Come on Nicki’ is heard from the audience. Answer back: “Sorry I’m excited and I’m happy “. And she explains that the song, ‘Part of me’, is for a loved one who lost and that it is not just another show for her, who gets nervous because she wants to do her best. And he emphasizes that he wanted the first show to be here because Rosario is his home. It feels ‘Ole ole Nicki, Nicki’. Interrupt with a “I will continue, although I would stay an hour talking”. But it can’t, the show must go on.

Sometimes, between emotions, she faces the show as if asking permission, surprised. And at times it is the girl singing songs that she likes, as if they were someone else’s and she was not the protagonist. In that sense, despite the set-up of the show, it makes it genuine. Now there is a bandoneon, and a couple dancing tango. Suddenly they leave the stage, and María Elena and Aníbal enter, two septuagenarian dancers, and Nicki breaks again. In the audience you can hear, will it be your grandparents?, But soon, when unperturbed he sings the tangueada prayer “I have lost a love” dice “this goes to my grandfather, who is in the public, and once he asked me for a tango”.

Another change of clothes and back to the tables with prayer “I had to go out to the bullfights“. He asks if everything is okay, they continue ‘I’m gone’, ‘Mamichula’ and the theater stopped can no longer until it says: This is the last, but it was the first. And it started here, in Rosario”. ‘WapoTraketero’ is heard. It’s the biggest cheer and shout of the night. There is no script, no protocol, no scheduled show. Nicki, the Rosarina Nicki, says bluntly: “They are an audience of their mother’s shell.” The curtain falls, and it’s over.

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