Nicky Jam joins Ozuna in new ‘Tom and Jerry’ movie

Puerto Rican reggaeton veteran Nicky Jam has announced that he will be one of the voices in the new movie “Tom and Jerry”, in which his colleague and compatriot Ozuna will also participate.

“I am excited to announce that I will be one of the voices that will present the Tom and Jerry movie to the big screen. Watch the trailer now waiting for it to hit theaters in 2021,” said the artist this Wednesday in his account of Instagram.

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At the moment, the role of Nicky Jam in the film is unknown, if he will act in it, it will be the voice of a character or some of his songs will be included in the production.

The trailer for the film was released on Tuesday, according to both artists and Warner Bros Pictures Latin America on their respective Instagram accounts.

Ozuna, for his part, posted on the same social network on Tuesday an image accompanied by the famous characters of the cat and the mouse, but his type of participation in the film is also unknown.

“Tom and Jerry,” directed by Tim Story, is set to hit theaters in 2021.

Its cast includes Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Rob Delaney, Colin Jost and Ken Jeong, the latter known for his participation in the saga of “The Hangover”, entitled “Hangover” in Spain.

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The story centers on both characters being kicked out of their home and staying in one of the best hotels in New York.

The character played by Moretz sees his job threatened if he does not manage to expel Jerry from the place, so he thinks about the possibility of hiring Tom to get rid of him. The chase between the two turns crazy.

Nicky Jam and Ozuna already have movie experience.

The first participated in “Bad Boys for Life” (“Two rebel policemen”, in Latin America), starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, as well as in “Fast and Furious 8”, with Vin Diesel.

Ozuna, for his part, acted in the Dominican films “Qué León” (2018) and “Los Leones” (2019), in the role of José Miguel León.

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Likewise, Ozuna participated in the ninth and next film of the “Fast & Furious” saga, which is expected to be released in theaters at the end of May 2021.

In addition to Ozuna, other Puerto Rican artists who have participated in one of the “Fast & Furious” sagas are the reggaetonists Don Omar and Tego Calderón.

Among the new cast, the participation of the American fighter John Cena stands out.


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