Nicolas Anelka will become the sports director of Hyères!

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Life is decidedly very strange. Stuck in a desire to buy back Olympique de Marseille, Mourad Boudjellal seems to have given up. But for all that, the former boss of RCT (rugby) has not abandoned his idea of ​​entering the world of football. At the latest news, he was even on the way to achieving one of his dreams and therefore entering this world by becoming the new boss of the Hyères club. And he wouldn’t come empty-handed.

Indeed, according to information from Var-Matin, he would have already found his sports director. This post would become the property of former French international striker Nicolas Anelka. The 41-year-old center forward would therefore return to France after two periods at Paris Saint-Germain as a player (1996-1997 and 2000-2002) and a stint as a youth coach in the Lille Olympique team. Sporting Club (LOSC) in 2018.

Discussions for a short week

This is not his first attempt in the post-football period since he also coached, as an assistant, in China (Shanghai Shenhua, 2012) while being a player and then as a head coach (all by being a player again) in India near Mumbai City in 2015. With this appointment, Mourad Boudjellal would already strike a big blow, as he had been able to do when he was boss of the Toulon Rugby club by recruiting Tana Umaga.

Nicolas Anelka, with a rich career, would therefore start in a club National 2. The project was presented to him recently, discussions have lasted for a short week according to our information. Now it’s up to him to prove himself in this so important position in football and in a project that risks stripping. In any case when we know the profile of his boss, Mourad Boudjellal.

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