Nicolas Batum to the Los Angeles Clippers

At least five teams were in line to secure the services of the captain of the France team. Courted, according to several sources, by Toronto, Milwaukee, Golden State and Brooklyn in particular, Nicolas Batum should finally land at the Los Angeles Clippers, according to American insider Shams Charania, confirming the information we had been able to collect on the issue. The now ex-winger of the Hornets (2.03 m; 31 years old), where he has been playing since 2015, should be involved initially for a single season.

The details of this outcome remain to be known, and in particular whether Charlotte, who needed to make room in her payroll to welcome former Boston Celtic Gordon Hayward (signed for $ 120 million over four years), has “cut” the last year of Batum’s contract. In this hypothesis, the French would receive all of the emoluments still owed by the franchise of Michael Jordan, or $ 27 million, the payment of which would be spread over several seasons.

Moribund for two years, Batum is offered the opportunity of a hell of a rebound within a candidate team for the title or, if he manages to regain all his physical means – which he has been working hard for since two months, he will be able to play the luxury jokers out of the bench.


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