Nicolas Cage married for the fifth time

The actor married his partner Riko Shibata in a ceremony in Las Vegas.

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And five. Nicolas Cage married his partner Riko Shibata on February 16 at a ceremony in Las Vegas, revealed the “Daily Mail” Friday. The 57-year-old actor’s agent confirmed the information to “People», Specifying that it was« a very small intimate wedding at the Wynn hotel ». The date of February 16 was chosen “to pay homage to the birthday of the late father of the groom”.

The 26-year-old bride wore a hand-made black kimono from Kyoto, her hometown, when they exchanged vows according to the traditions of the Catholic Church and Shintoism. Among the few guests were Alice Kim, Nicolas Cage’s ex-wife, and their 15-year-old son, Kal-El.

Engagement on FaceTime

This is the fifth marriage for Nicolas Cage, who was married from 1995 to 2001 to Patricia Arquette, then to Lisa Marie Presley from 2002 to 2004. He remained married to Alice Kim, of which he is still close, from 2004 to 2016. He had married in March 2019 his previous companion Erika Kookie in Las Vegas – also. But their marriage did not last long: the couple separated four days after the exchange of vows, the actor explaining to have been too drunk during the wedding, and officially divorced two months later.

The first appearance of Nicolas Cage and his new wife Riko dates back to the beginning of last year. They had been photographed in New Orleans, visiting the pyramid-shaped tomb he bought in 2009. The couple got engaged from a distance last summer, as Nicolas Cage had recounted in her brother Marc’s radio show, explaining their estrangement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic: “She left New York and returned to Kyoto, I returned to Nevada and I did not see her for six months. We’re very happy together and can’t wait to spend all this time together, so I ended up saying, “Look, I want to marry you” and so we got engaged on FaceTime. ” The engagement ring arrived… by mail: “Her favorite color is black so she wanted black gold, a black diamond. I personalized it and sent it to him by FedEx, ”he added.

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