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Nicolás Maduro threatened Juan Guaidó: “The day will come for the courts to ask for his arrest and he will go to jail”


Nicolás Maduro said Friday that the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, will be arrested when the Public Ministry issues an arrest warrant. Maduro said the day has not yet come, but said it will “come.”

“The day that the courts of the Republic give the mandate to detain Guaidó for all the crimes he has committed, That day he goes to jail. That day has not come ”Maduro said in a press conference held Friday at the Miraflores Palace.

Guaidó returned to Venezuela on Tuesday after an international tour in which he was received by Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson, among other senior leaders.

On it weighs a ban on leaving the country – issued by courts close to Maduro – which he already avoided in February 2019, when he crossed the border to Colombia to try to get the humanitarian aid sent there to enter Venezuela, without any consequences.

Guaido himself had recognized during his tour that there was “risk” that this time he would be arrested upon his return to Venezuela. He was not arrested when he entered the country through the Maiquetía International Airport, but he was the target of aggressions by Chavista groups present nearby.

The moment of greatest tension was recorded when Dubraska Padrón, political coordinator of the Conviasa airline – recently sanctioned by the United States – entered the migration sector and began to increase it. The woman followed Guaidó until the exit of the airport while calling him a traitor and throwing liquids at her. Guaidó retired without receiving injuries and exclaimed before the cameras, in relation to the episode: “This is the show”.

However, in the midst of the confusion, Guaido’s uncle, Juan José Márquez, who has accompanied him on his international tour, was arrested because, according to Venezuelan authorities, it carried explosive material.

Questioned about Márquez’s arrest, Maduro replied that “it is a problem of Venezuelan Justice.” “Ask all the questions you have to the attorney general and the court. It is not a problem that I have to comment on, ”he emphasized. However, both the Portuguese government and the airline that moved the delegation rejected the possibility that this would have been the case.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, Augusto Santos Silva, denounced that the accusations of the Nicolás Maduro regime “make no sense” and assured that his detention is nothing more than a “way to intimidate” the opposition leader.

The airline (TAP), for its part, said that “It is impossible to travel with explosives in our planes because we have security systems that detect them (…) In the rules of TAP and of all the airlines allied to IATA, it is not only forbidden to travel with explosives but the list includes batteries ”.

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Guaidó’s cabinet, on the other hand, launched an “international alert” Friday for Márquez’s arrest, saying he’s the victim of “a vile assembly” to “break” the will of the opposition leader.

“Nicolás Maduro is a coward who is not encouraged to step on the street because he is treated as what he is, a dictator,” Guaidó said Wednesday at an impromptu press conference, minutes before the start of a new session of the National Assembly. “The threats have not stopped us or will stop us”he added.

In that context, Guaido also referred to the attacks that he and the rest of the members of his delegation received upon arrival at the airport. “It is a clear escalation of violence. The aggression yesterday against journalists, deputies, was brutal and savage, but it is not going to stop us. You (for the journalists) have suffered violence in their own flesh, you have hospitalized partners. You are armed civilians. because of the dictatorship they are attacking the press and citizens. This is the responsibility of the Military High Command. They are letting violent armed men act, “he said.

Delcy Rodríguez in Spain

In another passage of the conference, Maduro referred to the controversy raised in Spain by the presence of the vice president of the regime, Delcy Rodríguez, at the airport of the country despite the sanctions imposed by the European Union, and his meeting with the minister of Transportation of the government of that country, José Luis Ábalos.

Asked about the details of the meeting, Maduro avoided providing an answer: “That’s Delcy’s secret, she hasn’t told me that secret, what did she talk to Ábalos?”He has answered. The Spanish minister offered different versions of the events over different days. The last one was that he went to the airport with the objective of Rodriguez avoiding getting off the plane and generating a greater diplomatic conflict. However, the Spanish opposition considered the explanation insufficient and took legal action. One of them was to go to the European Parliament to determine if the Government had infringed the sanctions imposed with its actions.

Beyond the controversy in Spain, Maduro said that Rodríguez went “silently” to other countries during his time outside the country and that he managed to “talk about very interesting things”. “He went to some countries in public and met, and in others he went in silence to discuss very interesting things that we are developing with other countries in the world,” he said, without providing further details.

However, he said he has transmitted to Spain and other governments – among which he mentioned Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Russia and the EU – a proposal to create a group of “friendly countries” that is responsible for promoting dialogue in Venezuela . The objective, he said, is that the group favors “an inclusive and sovereign dialogue (…) to strengthen democracy” in the country, and that “before, during and after” the parliamentary elections planned for this year be developed.

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