Nicolas Sarkozy, a political retirement under judicial pressure

Published on : 23/11/2020 – 05:33

The image will undoubtedly remain: a former President of the Republic in the box of the accused. The trial of Nicolas Sarkozy in the so-called “eavesdropping” affair opens this Monday before the Paris Criminal Court. He is on trial for “corruption” and “influence peddling”. Determined to wash his honor in this trial which is to last three weeks, the darling of the right remains supported by his camp. His legal troubles do not end there, however.

A case in the case. The so-called eavesdropping case was born in the context of the Bettencourt affair in which the former president has since obtained a dismissal. Nicolas Sarkozy is tried on the basis of wiretaps between him, his lawyer Thierry Herzog and the high magistrate Gilbert Azibert. The former president is suspected of having obtained from the magistrate, via his council, secret information on a cassation appeal, in exchange for a ” boost »For a position in Monaco.

Nicolas Sarkozy has always denied and contested the use of tapping between a lawyer and his client, especially when it comes to a former President of the Republic. It will undoubtedly be one of the lines of defense of Nicolas Sarkozy, determined to wash his honor in this trial which is to last three weeks.

Support from the right

Tried on serious charges, the former president is not let go by his political family. And for good reason: it is difficult not to support the most popular of the right-wing men. It would be risking offending voters who are already tempted to vote elsewhere.

« We support our President of the Republic, because we believe that this relentlessness towards him is bad for democracy. Afterwards, beyond Nicolas Sarkozy, the excessive judicialization of French political life worries me », Explains the leader of LR deputies, Damien Abad.

Without going so far as to mention, like his colleague Sébastien Huygues, a ” manhunt “LR MP Philippe Gosselin also believes that Nicolas Sarkozy will emerge innocent from this trial. ” I think a number of things will do pshiiit. (…) What we are waiting for is an independence of the judiciary, that it works in serenity. “Right wing support for his champion, for lack of anything better.

A year and a half from the presidential election, The Republicans still do not have a natural candidate, underlines Philippe Gosselin. ” I say it without any difficulty, if Nicolas Sarkozy can be a recourse (…) it is reassuring to have a man of experience. Not just for his political family, but for the whole country. »

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The eternal recourse for the right?

Nicolas Sarkozy in the box of the accused and in the running for the 2022 presidential election? ” I closed the door to partisan politics “, However, does not stop repeating the former president who continues to pull the strings.

A symbol: his meetings with the presidential candidates, Xavier Bertrand and Valérie Pécresse, who have no choice but to support him in his legal setbacks. It is only in private, off-duty that the young guard gets exasperated. Deals ” it starts to do well ».

Especially since it is a political retirement under judicial pressure that Nicolas Sarkozy lives. There is this wiretapping trial and then in six months, another trial, in the 2012 campaign accounts affair. Nicolas Sarkozy was indicted for “illegal financing” in the Bygmalion affair.

And that’s not all. Nicolas Sarkozy is in the crosshairs of the judges in a third case which has been talked about a lot in recent days: the Libyan affair, concerning the financing of the 2007 campaign. The National Financial Prosecutor’s Office warned, after the very media turnaround of Ziad Takkiedine, the charges against the former president ” are not limited to statements From the intermediary. Nicolas Sarkozy again indicted and this time for “criminal association”.

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