Nicolas Sarkozy castigates environmentalists and congratulates Emmanuel Macron

The audience of the International Real Estate Professional Market got their money’s worth. The guest-star, the (paid) guest of honor of this Wednesday, September 16, at the musical Seine of Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine), was none other than the former President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy . “Withdrawn from politics”, he said, but always quick to distribute good and bad points, witticisms and murderous arrows intended to delight the audience.

Privileged target: environmentalists, whose recent successes in municipal elections are not, in his eyes, “Not a sign of progress”. Adept of major projects – “This is what will wake up our country” -, he castigates the “Hating everything new and modern”. “If tomorrow someone wanted to build the Eiffel Tower, those who defend the yellow-backed toads with blue dots would oppose it in the name of preserving the species”, he says. Guaranteed effect.

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And the artist to continue his momentum. “I love cycling, I love the Tour de France. It is an admirable sport. I never imagined that we would attack these people, that we would despise them by calling them polluters and macho men. This is regression ”, he is indignant in reference to the words of the mayor Europe Ecologie-Les Verts de Lyon, Grégory Doucet, before criticizing the city councilor of Bordeaux, Pierre Hurmic.

“When I was a kid, I waited all year for the day when I went with my mom to pick the Christmas tree. I did not have the feeling of being a criminal who was doing harm to humanity ”, he shifts. And to conclude: “If that’s politics, it does me good not to be in politics anymore!” “

Book signing

It will not have escaped anyone, on the other hand, the benevolence which the former president will have shown towards his successor, “The current one, not the other, the normal”. On at least three occasions, Mr. Sarkozy expressed his approval of the action taken by Emmanuel Macron, both with regard to the partial activity devices deployed to cushion the health crisis, and the action coordinated with Angela Merkel to achieve a European recovery plan or its firmness vis-à-vis the Turkish President, Recep Erdogan. What revive speculation about the collusion between the two men.

After an hour on stage, Mr. Sarkozy takes his place on a platform set up in the hall of the building for a signing session of his latest work, Time of storms (The Observatory, 528 p., 23 €). A long line of buyers forms, some going so far as to take away three or four copies of the bestseller of the retiree of politics.

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