Nicole Kidman, Dakota Johnson and other celebrities who were left to see the natural in a movie

In the world of Hollywood, scenes of all kinds are performed every day, from the dangeroussuspense, action and those romantic ones that lead to celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Dakota Johnsonamong other to pose completely ‘naturally’, that is, without clothes.

It is worth mentioning that doing this type of scenes is sometimes not so easy for celebrities, as well as for actors. Well, even if we love how they look, for example, Anna-Maria Sieklucka (Laura and Michelle Morrone (Massimo) in ‘365 Days’, they may have had to repeat the scene more than 10 times.

In addition, it is also important to mention what is behind the scenes, in this case, the entire production team. They take care of every detail in the actorsso that nothing else is seen, than what has to be shown and of course, making celebrities look beautiful is also part of their task.

the continuation We will list some celebrities who have had to undress, as indicated by the script.

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