Nicole Neumann’s cold reaction when asked about Mica Viciconte: “I don’t see her, no idea”

Nicole Neumann reacted indifferently when asked about his dealings with Mica Viciconte. On a mobile with Intruders, the model revealed that the link with Fabian Cubero He improved but when they told him about his girlfriend, he showed no interest in having some kind of rapprochement.

“With Fabián we are on the way to improve, put him on. I am always trying to find a good dialogue and a good relationship because he is the father of my daughters and he will be so forever. There is a little more dialogue about things that happen in the middle of life itself, “he revealed. the driver of holy saturday.

Later, Neumann counted in the broadcast of America who now has a direct dialogue with the athlete: “The dialogue now is a little between us and a little between lawyers, 50 and 50, before it was 100% lawyers. It is progress, I think a good relationship is what has to happen, it should have happened on day one and now we are five years away ”.

At the interview, Nicole She was encouraged about her bond with the father of her daughters, but when she spoke about Viciconte, she was forceful and cutting. “At some point it has to happen, it would be healthy, logical,” he said and after the journalist asked him if the relationship with Micaela improved, the model closed: “I don’t know, I don’t see her, no idea.


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