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Nigeria – More than 250 escapees and eleven dead in prison attack


In central Nigeria, Jos penitentiary housed 1,060 inmates until Sunday. After an assault that left eleven dead, 262 of them had fun.

At least eleven people were killed and more than 250 inmates escaped in Sunday’s attack by gunmen in a central Nigerian prison, prison officials said on Monday. Francis Enobore, a prison security spokesperson, claimed that nine prisoners, an assailant and a guard were killed when gunmen stormed the medium-security prison in the town of Jos, capital of the Plateau State, while 262 inmates managed to escape.

“One of the attackers trapped, after having entered the establishment, was identified as one of those who was killed” during an exchange of fire, declared Francis Enobore. “Unfortunately, one of the armed personnel paid the ultimate price in the clash, while nine detainees also lost their lives.”

This massive prison escape is the latest in a long series in Africa’s most populous country, where prisons are often overcrowded and guarded by members of the overwhelmed security forces. At the time of the attack, the prison housed 1,060 inmates. Plateau State Police spokesman Ubah Ogaba said nine detainees who escaped have been recaptured.

More than 800 escapees in October

Last month, more than 800 prisoners escaped from a prison in Oyo state when armed men stormed the facility. More than half had been caught the day after the incident.

Authorities did not blame any group for the attack, but north-west and central Nigeria are the scene of attacks by criminal gangs, locally known as “bandits,” who storm villages to loot and kidnap. residents for ransom.


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