Nigerian tycoon causes outrage: he went to a wedding with his six pregnant wives

Tycoon and businessman Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, also known as ‘Pretty Mike’, has caused outrage in Nigeria (Africa) after attending a marriage party with his six pregnant wives, an act described as macho and misogynistic on social platforms.

The ceremony celebrated the union of actor Williams Uchemba with Brunella Oscar, who were completely eclipsed by the arrival of the seven guests.

‘Pretty Mike’ ―Owner of a nightclub located in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria– published the images on his account Instagram, along with a text in which he presents the “six future mothers” of his children.

“There is no movie trick, we are just living our best life,” added ‘Pretty Mike’. According to the BBC, three years ago, the millionaire had attended a wedding with some guests, whom he was “tied” with straps.

That 2017 ‘Pretty Mike’ was arrested by the African police for his misconduct and as a result he signed a document to “stop any act (…) of degrading treatment of ladies and gentlemen,” according to the news network.

Some netizens called his recent behavior “the same madness”, after his images went viral on the networks. According to El País, in Nigeria “a toxic masculinity permeates politics, the economy and society”.

“It is women who suffer the most: their subordinate and submissive role severely limits their opportunities and leaves them in a position of high vulnerability to violence,” the Spanish newspaper described in a 2019 article titled The Poisonous Patriarchy of Nigeria.


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