Night of museums: a virtual edition

The health crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic in France is disrupting the functioning of many cultural events in the country. The seventh edition of the Night of Museums will finally be held but visitors will not be able to go directly to the establishments: they will have to take advantage of virtual sessions. “It’s important to take this turn so that museums really reach everyone”, says Sylvain Amic, director of the museums of the metropolis of Rouen (Seine-Maritime).

The health crisis has inevitably shaken up the functioning of museums. If it was already underway, the digitization of these places has been accelerated by the current context. In most cases, Sylvain Amic points out that museums “have a digital offer, have a virtual offer. There are 3D tours that can be accessed very easily. There are podcasts, there are little video clips, online games, counts for children”.

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