Nightmare in the kitchen – Vaud: a couple of restaurateurs get away with a simple fine

By controlling a restaurant and its kitchen located in the suburbs of Lausanne, in October 2019, food inspectors were left speechless: misleading indications on the cards, frozen without protection and foodstuffs expired, in a state of decomposition or burnt by the cold. So much for the entry of the criminal order issued by a prosecutor from Vevey.

Vaud inspectors have listed other failings during this hygiene check: grubby drawers, mold, shards of glass, dust and even a lemon covered with midges. They also noted the presence of dirty boxes, freezers completely covered with ice and not closed, an ice maker located next to an unclosed garbage can and dirty clothes and shoes in bulk. Finally, the icing on the cake is the fresh tuna offered for the tartare that is not frozen!

Denounced to justice, the man and woman restaurateurs were each sentenced to a fine of 1,500 francs and 1,300 francs in costs. After cleaning the premises, the manager and her friend were able to resume their activity. The establishment remained open.

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