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Fifth round (Ham 4:1 Seibu)

Yuki Nomura knocked out a 3-pointer from the left field in the 5th game, and was released for the sixth time this season. Ham led Seibu with 4:1.

Fourth round (Ham 1:1 Seibu)

Shuta Sotozaki got the touch ball, Kuriyama was hit by a strikeout, Yuya Mori hit a hit from the right field, forming a third base, Yamakawa Hitaka knocked out the left field and flew a sacrifice, Seibu chased a 1:1 tie, Wu Nian Ting ranked first. Two seats were selected for the fourth bad ball to be delivered, and Seibu once again captured the first and third base.

The third round (Ham 1: 0 Seibu)

Usami Shingo and Kensuke Kondo made consecutive left field hits in 3 innings, forming a second base with a man. Sugiya boxers hit the middle field hits with 1 RBI in a timely manner, helping Ham to get ahead.

Second round

Yamakawa Hotaka scored four bad goals in 2 innings, Wu Nianting knocked out the midfield fly ball from the first hitting seat and was caught.

first round

Matsuzaka Daisuke’s career was in the final matchup. In the first game, Kensuke Kondo, the first hitter of Ham, made only one good ball and four bad shots. The fastest ball was 118 kilometers. Then he was replaced by the Seibu team. Turtle sword took over the pitching. Boxer Sugiya knocked out the second base and was caught and killed, Nishikawa hit the second base and hit the ground, Kondo was blocked, Nomura Yuki knocked out the right field to fly the ball out.

Pre-match report

[Sports Center/General Report]Seibu will face Ham at home today. The 41-year-old “Heisei Monster” Matsuzaka Daisuke will hold a retirement match today. He is scheduled to vote for one person. Ham will launch his younger brother Kensuke Kondo, who is also from a high school in Yokohama, as the first hitter. .

Matsuzaka has suffered from injuries in recent years. The year before last he had only a record of two games in the China-Japan Dragons. He returned to his former team Seibu at the end of the year. He has been recovering most of the time since then. He decided to retire in July this year. Today is For the last time in his career, he played for the old club as a player.

Wu Nianting also started to witness in the same field today as the 5th left fielder. This seasonPlayed in 126 games, handed in 10 hits, 48 ​​RBIs, and a strike rate of 0.245. Ham today launched the 26-year-old right-hand man Tian Muyi who played in the first army for the first time this season.

Seibu starting lineup

1 (2) Shuta Tonosaki
2 (referring to) Kuriyama Qiao
3 (Capture) Tomoya Mori
4 (1) Hotaka Yamakawa
5 (Left) Wu Nianting
6 (Right) Seiji Kawagoe
7 (three) Brandon River
8 (Middle) Junichiro Kishi
9 (tour) Yamada Harukae

Starting pitcher: Daisuke Matsuzaka

Ham starting lineup

1 (finger) Kensuke Kondoh
2 (2) Kenshi Sugiya
3 (Left) Haruki Nishikawa
4 (3) Yuki Nomura
5 (middle) Asama Daiki
6 (1) Takahama Yuhito
7 (right) Wanbo Zhongzheng
8 (Yu) Ryohei Hosokawa
9 (Capture) Shingo Usami

Starting pitcher: Tsubasa Nabatame

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