nine aid workers released in western country

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In Niger, the 9 Nigerien aid workers from the NGO APIS, a partner of WFP, who were kidnapped last week near the border with Burkina Faso, were released yesterday Wednesday. They therefore found their freedom, without anyone knowing in what conditions or what their state of health was.

With our correspondent in Niamey, Moussa Kaka

The announcement of their release was confirmed by the governor of the Tillabéry region and the WFP representative in Niger. The nine local aid workers from the NGO APIS are free to move. They had been kidnapped a week ago, while they were on a mission to identify vulnerable populations in western Niger for food aid when jihadists on motorbikes kidnapped them.

Shortly after their release, the ex-hostages were seen in a village near the Burkinabé border and Park W. They were trying to reach the capital of the prefecture of Torodi, 100 kilometers south-west of Niamey.

We do not yet know the conditions of their release, nor their state of health, but from an informed security source, the Nigerien forces did not intervene. Still according to the same source, it could be a voluntary act of the jihadists, the local humanitarian agents having no market value, according to an observer.


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