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Nine autonomous will give students facilities in the final stretch of the school year due to the coronavirus


Consequences of coronavirus



They propose not to advance the agenda, reduce content or evaluate only on face-to-face. Madrid does not give a new curriculum in Primary and Catalonia does not suspend students in what they do from now on

Two girls play with their grimaces as they continue to go to school at their home in Santiago.

At least nine autonomous communities will provide facilities to students in the final stretch of the school year. They consider that an extraordinary situation such as the absence of face-to-face classes due to the coronavirus requires exceptional measures and, although they reject the general approval, as has been raised in Italy, they have already decided that they are either going to reduce content, or not advance on the agenda , or they will evaluate only the subject taught in person, or what is given from now on will only serve to raise the grade, not to lower it.

The Secretary General for Education,Alejandro Tiana, met yesterday by videoconference with the educational representatives of the CCAA to discuss the prospects for the end of the course in the current health crisis. He asked them to send him information on what measures they plan to take in order to unify positions at the Sector Conference that next Wednesday Minister Isabel Cela will hold with the councilors.

ELMUNDO has contacted all the directors and nine already know what they are going to do:Madrid,Catalua, theValencian Community,Murcia,Canary Islands,Asturias,Aragn,Cantabriaand theBasque Country. Most hope to return to the face-to-face course, even for a few days, and recognize that adjustments will have to be made in the third quarter, which, to a greater or lesser extent, involve changing the existing system to be sympathetic to the difficulties that a large part of the students to continue with the classes.


The counselorEnrique Ossorio(PP) rejects the general pass because it is harmful and harmful to students. He wants to send a message of effort to the students, but he discards enabling school days in July, since, he argues, theState School Councilrecommends extreme June to the maximum.

InPrimary, the idea is to go more towards the deepening of the already acquired learning; that is, it is not intended to give anything new in content. InHigh schoolHowever, if you want to advance in content, especially in 4 of ESO and 2 of Bachillerato, because they are the courses that give rise to a degree, always as far as possible and without harming students with more difficulties. The teachers are going to take into account the exceptional circumstances in which the students find themselves, but in these Secondary courses they cannot be eternally reviewing what they gave in the first and second trimesters, the sources consulted express.

The Madrid Minister of Education is against the recommendation of the State School Council that says that a pass in the third evaluation serves to recover the previous two if they are suspended. It should be the other way around. The first and second evaluations have been ordinary, the exceptional is the third, indicate these sources.


HeconsellerJosep Bargall(ERC) said yesterday in the Ser that moving to the centers that everything that is done from now on must never subtract the student, it must be to assess positively. Schools and institutes will count until March 12. Is this a general pass? The general pass is an outdated concept. If you ask me if the course ended on March 12, I will say no, if you ask if students will be suspended in what is done after Easter, I will say no. In between there is an accompaniment to the students, maintaining the habits of reading and work … It is necessary to emotionally accompany the students.


The secretary generalMiguel SolerOn Tuesday I sent a letter to the educational community in which it advocates reinforcing and consolidating the learning carried out in the first two quarters of the course. The letter from the tripartite government (PSOE-Podemos-Comproms) asks teachers not to demand the same aspects of the curriculum as during a classroom period. Regarding the evaluation, it will adapt to the teaching process that has been carried out throughout the course, taking into account the time that we have been in non-classroom educational activity and that not all the students have had the same conditions of access to the curriculum or support that it has while developing the face-to-face educational activity.


The counselorCristina Uriarte(PNV) told Radio Euskadi yesterday that it does not rule out returning to the face-to-face activity, although it warned that it will have to be different because the curricular materials will have to be adapted, taking into account the most essential contents to finish the course, see how to finish the evaluation based not only on face-to-face evaluations, if it is returned to the end of the course, but taking into account all the work that has been done.


Marisa Collado, General Director of Personnel of the Minister of Education, explains that the idea is not to add new content and to try to reinforce what has been learned during the six months in which there has been a classroom session. The evaluation will be only on what was given in the first two quarters. In the Canary Islands Government (PSOE-UP-NC-ASG) they study as a possibility that the whole part of the third term curriculum is incorporated at the beginning of the next course.


The counselorEsperanza Moreno(PP) explains to EL MUNDO that its position is to advocate for the evaluation of the students but only on the contents taught in person. In other words, the exam will only include what has been given until March because the effort must be focused on reinforcing what has been learned and basic skills. The centers, that is, can continue advancing on the agenda, but that content will not affect the final grade. Starting next week, the third term will begin and that return to work would have a positive impact to avoid the lack of motivation of the students: the grade can be improved but not lowered.


The counselorFelipe Faci(PSOE) has instructed the centers to highlight the essential contents and that in the evaluation the positive attitude of the students and their attention in the monitoring and completion of the proposed tasks prevail. It is more important right now to value attitudes than aptitudes is the maximum.


The counselor’s positionCarmen Surez(PSOE) is that the evaluation is inexcusable and that the general approval goes against current regulations. During the third trimester, the educational community will fundamentally work on aspects related to key competences without this entailing advancing the subject, something that can only be done in 2 of Bachillerato as long as it does not involve exclusion or discrimination.


In its instructions to the ESO centers, Cantabria (PRC-PSOE) advocates advancing the subject at an adequate pace, taking into account that equity, equal opportunities and the inclusive nature of education must be guaranteed.

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