Nine years after the Sofitel affair, Nafissatou Diallo comes out of her silence

Throughout the interview, she never utters his name: Dominique Strauss-Kahn. She does not speak of rape but of the “accident”. For the first time, Nafissatou Diallo speaks in Paris Match . The former maid at the Sofitel in New York looks back on the day of May 14, 2011, which turned her life upside down and led to the fall of the director of the International Monetary Fund, at the time a putative presidential candidate.

Nine years later, she delivers her side of the story. After asking a colleague if the suite where DSK was staying was free, she said that she had signaled her presence several times without ever having any answers. “I’m about to enter the room, on the left, when I see this naked man appear. So I say to myself, “Oh my God! I’m sorry.” Then it all happened… And when it was over, I ran away spitting everywhere ”, she says. She goes to hide in the hallway. She says she remembers briefly returning to the bedroom to retrieve her cart. The behavior of Nafissatou Diallo after the facts had been sifted through by investigators. The fact that she went to suite 2806 after DSK left had weighed heavily against her.

I have been trapped and betrayed. I’ll never get over the way New York prosecutors treated me

Nafissatou Diallo at “Paris Match”

Justice has never disentangled the true from the false about what happened that day. New York Attorney Cyrus Roberts Vance Jr. has dropped a lawsuit, pointing out “Contradictory statements” accuser and questioning her credibility. The two parties then entered into a civil financial agreement. Nafissatou Diallo explains her choice: “I wanted to get out of this story as quickly as possible. ” Nevertheless, she still retains a certain resentment towards the Manhattan court to this day. “I was trapped and betrayed. I will never get over the way New York prosecutors treated me ”, she explains. And to add a little later: “I assure you that if [Dominique Strauss Kahn] had been poor, he would be in prison today. “

Nafissatou Diallo recounts the ordeal that followed. The restaurant she opened in 2015 in the Bronx will attract the curious. “Not for lunch or dinner but to see me and ask me a lot of questions, she specifies. They left me their phone number… I ended up closing. “ For the same reason, she explains that she had to leave the apartment she occupied in the neighborhood for secure accommodation outside New York. Sometimes the events go further: “One night, when I got back from my restaurant at 2:30 am, I was followed by a 4×4, from the Bronx to Connecticut, where I lived, she relates. I was panicked, I was screaming: “Leave me alone!” “ Nafissatou Diallo says that she is still sometimes recognized in the street: “People say nice things to me, they don’t know, in fact, that they’re throwing me back into this nightmare. “

She refuses to say what she is doing today. After having written an author’s book, gone unnoticed, she confides at most that she wants to create a foundation “To help women who, like me, came to America without an education, without even speaking the language, and who went through horrible situations”. “I want what happened to me to help others. “


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