Nine years at the side of the royals: Duchess Kate and Prince William mourn their beloved dog Lupo

The English cocker spaniel accompanied the royals for almost ten years. William even mentioned him in his first interview after becoming a father.

“It’s very sad. Last weekend our beloved dog Lupo passed away. ” With these words, Duchess Kate and Prince William say goodbye to their family dog ​​on Twitter. «He has been our loyal companion for the past nine years. We will miss him so much. “

The English Cocker Spaniel was very important to the family. Again and again, Lupo, whom they had received from Kate’s parents in 2011, was seen in pictures together with the royals. As “Sun“Reports, William even mentioned the pet in his first official interview after fatherhood in 2013. He said:” The most important thing for me now is Catherine and little George. And Lupo. “

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