Niño earned thousands of dollars from GameStop shares he received years ago

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The sudden rise in shares of GameStop took many by surprise, as the week closed with an increase of 400%. This attracted the attention of the United States authoritiesBut it also brought good news to people who invested in the chain store years ago.

A clear example is the story of Jaydyn Carr, a 10-year-old who long ago received GameStop shares as a gift. According to the information, Nina, his mother, decided to invest to teach her son something about trade and at the same time give him a gift.

This happened in 2019, when the boy was 8 years old and no one suspected what would happen in 2021 with the shares of GameStop and the uproar on Wall Street. After learning what happened, the young investor decided to take advantage of his shares to earn thousands of dollars.

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Young investor earns with GameStop shares

According to a report by mySA, the young investor from Texas received as a gift 10 shares of GameStop that his mother bought for $ 6 each. As you can imagine, the current situation unexpectedly favored the family, who already made thousands of dollars with their shares.

Jaydyn and her mother made the decision to take advantage of the price hike to sell shares this week. Due to the increase in price, the young man got $ 3,200 USD, that is, about $ 65,880 MXN.

Everything was favorable for the investor, since he managed to sell his shares at more than 53 times the initial value. Sources assure that Jaydyn will continue to invest with part of the profits and will deposit $ 2,200 USD in his savings account.

“My phone was ringing, because I have GameStop on my alert list, I was trying to explain to him that this was unusual, I asked him ‘do you want to keep or sell?'” Explained the boy’s mother.

Nina claimed that she decided to give the shares to her son to learn about economics, which she did much later in life. On the other hand, the mother regretted not having had more interest in GameStop, because that prevented her from buying some shares for her. In addition, he accepted that video games are not his thing.

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It is a fact that the GameStop theme and its actions will continue to be in the spotlight for the next several weeks. In this link you can know everything related to the phenomenon to understand it better.


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