As announced last month, the second major update to Monster Hunter Stories 2 : Wings of Ruin on Nintendo Switch will be available on 5 August and will add three additional monsters, starting with the Golden Ancient Dragon Kulve Taroth that we will be able to face thanks to a new cooperative quest for Monster Riders. He won’t be available as a Monstie, but you can get materials to craft new equipment. However, there will be two additional Monsties: the Glavenus Lame-chaos and Storm Prince Astalos. We now have all the details on these monsters, but also on the co-op quests available with the update and on other content via the official site. To note that some quests will only be accessible from August 19. We’ve listed it all below and you can also check out the update trailer below.

Space required

Approximately 0.5 GB (this update only)

  • – If you have just purchased the downloadable version, the total amount of space required (including the base game) increases to approximately 15.5 GB.
  • – Please make sure you have enough free space before downloading the update.

Important additions and changes

New monsters

[5 août]
  • Kulve Taroth (Exclusive Co-op Quest Monster)
  • Glavenus Lame-chaos
  • Storm Prince Astalos

New co-op quests

[5 août]
  • ★ 8 (Time) The Golden Goddess
  • ★ 8 (Explore) Fire Eggs
  • ★ 8 (Explore) Lightning Eggs
[19 août]
  • ★ 9 (Defeat) Glavenus Chaosblade
  • ★ 9 (Defeat) Storm Prince Astalos
  • ★ 8 (Tour) Glavenus
  • ★ 8 (Tower) Astalos

New secondary objective

[5 août]
  • ★ 4 (Special) Donut donation
[19 août]
  • ★ 8 Burning Dark Knight
  • ★ 8 Lightning Revolt
  • ★ 8 (Special) Barrel in danger

Bug fixes / Others

  • Fixed a bug where a Monstie having received a gene improving the power of one of its elements, would see its color modified according to its elemental values ​​only on the field.
  • Various bug fixes.

Kulve Taroth

« Face off against the Kulve Taroth with another Rider to get your hands on special materials you won’t find anywhere else!

These ancient dragons protect themselves with a layer of shiny metal on their scales, which comes from the weapons of hunters who have fallen while attempting to defeat them.

Note: Although the Kulve Taroth is not available as a Monstie, you will be able to obtain special materials that you can use to forge powerful equipment.

Coop ★ 8: (Time) The Golden Goddess

You have to beat all the monsters in less than 30 minutes. The rewards vary depending on how long you take to complete the quest.

Destroy the metal parts covering the Kulve Taroth to reveal its true form. Even if she temporarily flees the fight, the Riders who dare to pursue her will find themselves facing a most formidable opponent. The Kulve Taroth, which first appeared in Monster Hunter: World, arrives in Monster Hunter Stories 2 with its unique characteristics! “

Glavenus Lame-chaos

« These abnormal Glavenus burn with inner fire. Their breath can melt rock, and their sharp tails can slice mountains like a knife through butter. When they are angry, they burn everything to ashes.

Friendship Talent: Blast XX »

Storm Prince Astalos

« These anomalous Astalos release sky-blue electricity. Their developed electricarapace allows them to produce electromagnetic spheres encircling their prey, which disappear amid crackling blue lightning.

Friendship Talent: Saber Astalos »

As a reminder, the third update will be available from the beginning of September. Three new Monsties will be added: the Mizutsune Perce-âme, the Elderfrost Gammoth and the Kirin Oroshi. The fourth update, available end of September, will add other Monsties: the Hell King Rathalos and the Tigrex Magma. The Kulve Taroth will also be back in another cooperative quest, this time of great difficulty.. Of course, there will be new, more interesting rewards. Finally, October update will add Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian as Monsties. There will also be a special mysterious monster that we can face in a very difficult cooperative quest who will win unique materials to create particularly powerful equipment.

A free demo is available on the Switch eShop and on PC via Steam. It allows to discover the start of the game and it is even possible to save the data and then transfer it to the full game in order to continue our adventure. We can also receive for the complete set a special friendship talisman with save data from Monster Hunter Rise.

Capcom released a first major update on July 15th. It allows to obtain a Chumsky of Monster Hunter Rise as a Monstie. To spawn it, hatch an egg obtained through the ★ 5 Co-op Expedition “Chumsky Den”.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is released as three editions: the first is just a standard version (costing 6,355 yen to download and 6,990 yen in physics in Japan) containing the game only, while the second is a Deluxe Edition including special Destroyer armor and a Nergigante-inspired hairstyle for use in the game, Kuan’s Cloak outfit for Ena, two exclusive outfits for Navirou as well as two sets of stickers representing the protagonist’s companions.

By pre-ordering the game, we will get a Kamura lady outfit for Ena. Exclusively for the Switch version, three sets of special armor are offered. Amiibo represent Ena, the Ratha Destructive and Tsujino, and they will unlock daily bonuses in-game. In Japan, Ena’s and Tsujino’s amiibo will cost 1,500 yen, while the Ratha Destroyer amiibo will be priced at 1,800 yen.

To finish, by having Monster Hunter Rise save data on the same console as Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, the Special Kamura Jacket armor for the protagonist will be offered.

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