In addition to Pokémon Legends: Arceus, les remakes Sparkling Diamond Pokémon and Sparkling Pearls were also treated to new revelations today. This time, The Pokémon Company decided to show the Pokémontre and how his comeback was adapted for the Switch. The Pokémontre will always contain several useful applications such as the Object radar to find hidden objects, handy shortcuts to use the secret abilities Pokémon from our team, for example, or to call on wild Pokémon. We also discover the return of Peaceful Square d’Unionpolis which has been revised since this time we will be able to walk with six Pokémon (provided they are authorized) and change the viewing angle and zoom. The Poffins are also still present and will further improve the conditions of Pokémon such as the Cold blood, the Robustness or the Grace, ideal for Super Show Contest. You can now prepare Poffins in the Peaceful Square in addition to the Poffinerie. The official website (West / Japan) has also been updated and present Palkia and Dialga, the Crowned Mountain and the Columns Lances, or the day and night cycle. We have summarized everything in the rest of the article.

Unionpolis Peaceful Square is a relaxing place where you can relax with your Pokémon.

Up to six Pokémon can accompany you there.

Watch how your Pokémon are having fun!

Call your Pokémon by whistling!

Keep your most precious memories with your Pokémon in the album in the main menu of your Nintendo Switch.

After visiting the Peaceful Square, you will be able to walk alongside one of your Pokémon on the roads and in the towns of the region.

Each Pokémon moves and acts in a different way, so feel free to walk around with multiple partners. Your Pokémon will interact with you in multiple ways when you talk to it.

Poffins are treats that can improve a Pokémon’s condition, such as its Cold Blood or Grace. By increasing them, you will get better results in the style evaluation of the Super Show Contest.

Try to craft high level Poffins!

The level of a Poffin depends on your cooking skills. The higher its level, the easier it will be to improve a Pokémon’s conditions. To make a Poffin, you have to stir the dough at the right speed.

Note: it will not be possible to cook with other Trainers in the games. However, up to four Berries can now be used to prepare good quality Poffins.

You will notice many differences across the Sinnoh region depending on the time and day you play.

Some Pokémon only appear on certain days or evolve at certain times.

Store items vary by day.

You can only see Baudrive in the wild on certain days.

The Pokémontre is a handy gadget that you will receive during your adventure. It has many useful applications.

Stay on time with the Digital Watch.

Draw with the Pixel art app.

Unearth hidden objects using the Object Radar.

Find out how much your Pokémon likes you with the Friendship Indicator.

Secret abilities

The Pokémontre allows you to call upon wild Pokémon to come to your aid. These will use secret abilities like Cut to chop down trees blocking your way, or Climb to help you climb steep cliffs. The Secret Abilities app for Pokémontre allows you to access places that you cannot reach on your own.

A small tree preventing you from going further?

The secret ability Cup can bring it down!

Some cliffs are too steep to be practicable.

The Climb secret ability lets you climb them!

The secret Surf ability even allows you to cross water bodies!

During your journey, you will have the chance to cross paths with legendary Dialga Pokémon in Sparkling Diamond Pokémon, or Palkia in Sparkling Pearl Pokémon.

Dialga and Palkia are legendary Pokémon featured in myths from the Sinnoh region. Dialga would be the master of time, and Palkia the master of space. They are both revered by the inhabitants of Sinnoh.

What role will they play in your adventure?

At first glance, the mysterious statue of Vestigion resembles both Dialga and Palkia. No one knows when, by whom and for what purpose it was erected.


  • This Pokémon can control the weather. He is considered a deity in Sinnoh and appears in the myths of this region.
  • According to a legend, time set in motion when Dialga was born.


  • This Pokémon is able to shape space. The myths of Sinnoh speak of him as of an ancient deity.
  • It is said that he lives in the gap between two parallel dimensions.

Mont Couronné, whose summit is constantly snow-covered, rises in the heart of the region. In the eyes of the people of Sinnoh, it is a sacred mountain. It shelters a vast labyrinth surveyed by wild Pokémon. The deeper you go, the more powerful Pokémon you encounter.

The Lance Columns rise to the top of Crowned Mountain and appear to be the ruins of an ancient temple. No one knows if this place was once a place of ritual, or if it was the lair of a sacred creature.

We also just learned than in Japan, from 22 october, to celebrate the release of Pokémon Sparkling Diamond, Sparkling Pearl and Pokémon Legends: Arceus, some video game stores will be offering Zamazenta and Zacian color forms for Pokémon Sword and Shield on Switch. To obtain them, you will need to show staff on the Switch HOME Menu screen that you have a copy of Sword and / or Shield. Chromatic Zamazenta will be offered for Sword, while Chromatic Zacian will be offered for Shield.

Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl will be available on November 19. The games are available for pre-order, each priced at € 59.99 on the eShop (Sparkling Diamond / Sparkling Pearls). There will be several bonuses. First of all, the Egg of the fabulous Pokémon Manaphy will be offered via Mystery Gift until February 21, 2022. To retrieve it, you will need to select the option “ Trough Internet ” in the menu “ Mystery Gift »(Function which will be unlocked after playing for about two hours). Then, it will be enough to hatch it in the game to get Manaphy. By purchasing the downloadable version of any game on the eShop before February 21, 2022, we will obtain a code which will give access to 12 Rapide Balls, which make it easier to catch a wild Pokémon if the Ball is thrown during the first rounds of combat. The code will be available from November 19, 2021 until February 21, 2022, and it could be traded until February 28, 2022. By purchasing the Pack duo of the two games, we will obtain two single-use codes giving each access to 100 Poké Balls. The space required to download the digital version of the pack is 20 Go.

A few days before the release of the two games, precisely the November 5 next, Nintendo will market a special Nintendo Switch Lite, referring to the DS Lite Onyx Dialga and Palkia Edition. Named Nintendo Switch Lite – Dialga & Palkia Edition, it will not understand the games and will have the basic content of a Nintendo Switch Lite. Exclusively in Japan, The Pokémon Company will offer different bonuses. Pre-orders will open on August 19, and several participating stores will be offering unique bonuses. They are all listed on the official website at this address.

Note: Sparkling Diamond Pokémon and Sparkling Pearl Pokémon will not be not immediately compatible with the Pokémon HOME app on Switch, iOS and Android. We will have to wait until 2022, without further details. At last, regarding ranked fights, they will not be available in the remakes. Nevertheless, they will remain active in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

To learn more about Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl, you can read our old articles. at this address.

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